8 Golden Tips on Nude Photography

Recently, there are more and more people who are interested in learning about nude photography Nude photography is not just photos of naked models. There is a lot of patience, techniques, and practice that goes into a nude photography session. Photographers spend ages perfecting this form of art. What I mean is, having expensive gear does not make you professional. 

There is a lot of practice that goes into learning photography which starts with learning how to hold a camera properly. In today’s article, we will tell you 10 golden tips on nude photography. These tips will help you get better at perfecting your shots so all parties are happy with the end results.

10 Golden Tips on Nude Photography

Learn the basics

Basics are something that is important to grasp any field you want to work in. You cannot buy a camera expecting to learn photography the next day. You have to learn the basics of photography to make your base angles stronger. 

If you want to make your photos look more professional and like they were taken by someone with a lot of experience, it’s important to know what these basics are. Learning the basics will help you learn any niche of photography you desire. 

Try different angles

Angles play a significant role when it comes to clicking A-grade photos. The way that angles are used in photos can determine the success or failure of the photo. By altering the angle of the shot, you can make it more impactful, or less successful. Some shots will work great with an angled shot, while others will not. The important thing is to experiment and find what works best for your shot.

Practice often

Practice makes a man perfect. We have heard this even from our parents, right? This is so true no matter what skill you are trying to master. With each photo, you’re clicking and you are sharpening your skills. If you can, click photos every day. 

Now, you might ask “how can I shoot nude photos every day?” Well, you don’t have to shoot nude photos specifically to sharpen your headshots and portraits. Also, if you have someone in your love life, why don’t you ask them to be your personal model. You’ll be learning photography and spicing your relationship in a newer and more sensual way.


Nobody really talks about how much hygiene matters when it comes to nude photography. Since your models will be naked and lying or sitting in your studio, their private parts and skin will contact your surroundings. 

If your studio is not thorough the models can get rashes and allergies. So, make sure you clean your studio thoroughly before your models arrive. 

You can also put a pantry of sanitary items such as hand sanitizer, alcohol wipes, and other convenient products, so your model can reach them easily.


Your studio doesn’t have to be always bright. You can deem the lights down to come up will very sexy-looking photos of your model. However, you need a well-lit studio if you want a clear view of the swimwear or lingerie your model is wearing.

If you are confused about how to light up your studio according to the shoot, take a few photos in different lighting to figure out what works best for you.

Usages of props

Props are little items that can give your photos a lot of depth. Imagine a model on a bed with no pillow. Yeah, it looks nice, however adding pillows can make the photo look more realistic. 

You can use props in your shoot according to the aesthetics that match the needs of the shoot. I mean, you can’t use beach-related items in an Egyptian-themed photo shoot. 

It doesn’t have to be nude

Your models don’t need to be all naked for the shoot unless the agency wants it that way. You can put sheer lace on top of your model’s body to make it look more tempting to the eyes.

Private location

It is embarrassing for models when people are looking at them while they are doing a nude photoshoot. This is why you should always choose a private location or a private studio. In beach areas, you can rent a spot for your nude photo shoot and stay out of people’s eyes.


Thank you so much for sticking with us till the end. We hope we were able to teach you some good practices. Our 7 golden tips on nude photography come from experienced photographers from all around the world. Follow this article to see improvement in your next shoot.