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Check Out Sites Like Urlebird Which Are Better Alternatives 


This is a software that gets its recognition for having associations with TikTok, although an illegitimate one. In return for loyalty, the users get benefits like better discoverability of TikTok videos. Plus, anybody is free to check out any content and analytics, without having to go to TikTok or sign up on it. 

Urlebird is quite great when it comes to getting user details from TikTok, but how it does so is unknown. Moreover, Tiktok has not permitted any of such acts and many Tiktokers are unhappy with such stealing of content. If you are also unhappy with the framework of this free website, you can find other sites like this. Six of its alternatives have also been mentioned in the article. 

About Urlebird

It caters to content from TikTok and uses its server to successfully host videos and user details without any copyright ownership. On this Tiktok-like software, one can find users, hashtags, videos, and music among others. In simple words, the software is like any other viewing platform having innumerable Tiktok videos, that a user can either watch online or download. 

Why do you need other sites like Urlebird? 

First, It does not have the necessary permit from Tiktok. Second, their model is very illegitimate. And third, users find it somewhat awkward to have their videos shared on such a random platform. In addition to that, a lot of TikTok users have been filing petitions to get this permanently removed. 

Sites like Urlebird 

  • Vidnice: The website of Vidnice was made as a reliable TikTok application for anyone interested, especially marketing platforms. Here, one can find unbiased data that are in-depth with accurate analysis.  
  • TikStar: This platform is supposedly the best alternative for short video e-commerce data analysis. However, one key aspect of using this tool is the presence of data analysis skills.
  • Brainans: A downloading platform, having almost all kinds of TikTok videos is Brainans. Using this, one can explore, watch, and download their favorite piece of content
  • Tktoktube: Another downloading platform is the Tktoktube software, which is well appreciated for its fast and quick server responses. It is moreover loaded with features; such as allowing video searches by the song or hashtags. 
  • Tikbuddy: An analytical application that particularly focuses on marketing statistical performances of people is the Tikbuddy app. In case you need a helping hand for business purposes, this highly-able software will do
  • Exolyt: Exolyt is much known for its capabilities in controlling insights and bringing the best trends. 


TikTok belongs to a Chinese company and China is far from being a diplomatic nation. As such, it does not have friendly ties with foreign countries, some of whom have even banned TikTok entirely. Suppose you live in a TikTok-unavailable nation, the best thing you can do for entertainment is visit sites like this, as an alternative.

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