How the Vingo App Uses Technology for Boosting Your Health

Health is important for everyone. Particularly after the outbreak of the global pandemic, people have come to realise the importance of health. If you are not healthy, then your life could be cut short by years. This has opened the eyes of the world and people around the world are looking for new ways to get fit and healthy. If you are one such person who is either obese or overweight and wants to turn over your life, then you should definitely install the app named Vingo. It is a powerful app that can do wonders for your health.

The App Creates an Exciting and Engaging World

No, it is not your average tracking app or diet tracker. This app motivates you in ways beyond imagination. Anyone can run or cycle if they are motivated enough. That is why most people start a new habit around the new year but soon end up forgetting the whole practice. However, with the app, you will never forget to workout. The reason behind this is the fact that the app creates an online world inside which you can workout. Basically you can either cycle or walk or run in the virtual world. Most importantly you can do it along with real people from across the world thereby providing an exciting and engaging experience.

Uses Bluetooth for Easier Connection with Sports Equipment

The app can be connected easily with your existing sporting equipment like the latest treadmills and exercise bikes. Most equipment comes with a Bluetooth option today and you would not want anything else to create an engaging online gameplay for your workouts. If for any reason, there is difficulty in connecting your equipment you can always contact the customer support for their assistance.

Connect Almost Any Equipment Using ANT+ Sensors

Another interesting way in which you can connect your exercise equipment with the Vingo App is to use an ANT+ sensors. These are small sized but effective sensors that can track the speed at which you are running or the cadence of the exercise bike thereby accurately predicting the cycling speed. You can buy these sensors from third party service providers or at an ecommerce store. You can find informational videos for installing these to your cycles and treadmills on the internet. You can also speak with a customer support agent for this. 

Workout Along with Your Family – Comes with 8 Unique User Profiles

We have already told you that you can workout with real people from around the world. True that it will be interesting to do that but what if you want to cycle with your family? You can do that too. You can form cyber-friends through the app and workout along with them. The cycling app comes with the option to create as many as 8 user profiles under one account. So, you don’t have to pay separately for your whole family. Instead get one account for your whole family. Thai way you can exercise with your friends, colleagues and compete against them too.