How to win more often in Diamondex 3×3 slot – simple tips

One of the latest novelties in the Parimatch casino collection is the Diamondex (3×3) slot which is also s a great example of luxury-themed games. The graphics of this slot is incredible because they include the black matrix which is combined with the purple areas. Also, during the game players will see the golden lines and unique background images. Because of that colors, all the symbols of the Diamondex (3×3) will look, so bright that why it will be easy to find the most valuable of them. 

This slot has a super simple structure with the 3 reels and the same number of pay lines. And because of that, it can be the best for the newbies who want to learn more about online gambling and get their first winnings. More interesting facts about this great slot you will find on this page below, so continue to read this review.

The Diamondex 3×3 slot in casino Parimatch – main game features and rules

Developed by InBet company this Diamondex 3×3 slot has extremely basic gameplay which does not even require any skills. All Parimatch users can play it for free and without registration if they will select the DEMO mode. This free game is the same as the paid mode except there is no risk to lose money. But unfortunately, in the DEMO of the×3 slot players couldn’t get the real winnings and access to the withdrawal options. That’s why it can be a great tool for practice, but if your goal is real winnings then you will need to finish the registration, deposit, and choose the paid mode.

In any selected mode gambler will need to pick the bet size and press “START”. During the reel will be spinning user will see the next Diamondex 3×3 symbols:

  • playing card values;
  • stacks of banknotes;
  • bottle of hard liquor;
  • a bottle of champagne;
  • a golden ring;
  • a blue diamond;
  • watch!

These symbols will be collected into the winning combinations. To finish the paid combination you will need at least three of the same pictures, but the best winnings will be activating with the five symbols. 

There are no bonus features or additional multipliers in Diamondex (3×3), so all the winnings will be gotten during the main game.

The Diamondex (3×3) video slot – how to get winnings more often

For sure the Diamondex (3×3) rules are so simple to understand, but learning them it’s not enough to get the winnings. According to these slot rules gamblers could bet from 0.1 to 100 coins for one spin which means that the users will affect the final amount of money they will get. And to win more often it’s important to select the bet size right and better to find that in a DEMO mode.

One more recommendation for those who want to win more often is to prepare enough amount of the bankroll. To play slot and get winnings you will need to be sure that you have money for a few more bets which sometimes define the results of the whole gambling session. 

Also, you can use different strategies, but for sure it’s better to have your method of playing the slot in Parimatch.