Best Heavy Duty Wire Cutters

Wire cutters can be a lifesaver for professionals and amateurs alike in regard to working with and untangling complicated wire networks. Wire cutters can serve to bend, cut, grasp, hold and separate many different types of wires. 

It is important to be sure that you are using the right tool that will enable you to carry out your tasks as smoothly as possible. Every wire cutter comes with particular features that make them ideal for different types of projects, though some features should be present in all forms of wire cutters. 

All wire cutters should be capable of multitasking to prevent the need for other tools while carrying out certain tasks. Wire cutters, particularly heavy-duty wire cutters from RS also need to be manufactured from very durable materials such as the likes of pure stainless or nickel chromium, with safety standards maintained to ensure it is easy to carry out a particular task. 

Wire cutters should also come with rubber grips which both make them easier to hold and also reduces the risk of injury from electric shocks or jerks. 

But what are the best heavy-duty wire cutters?

The IRWIN Vise-Grip Wire Stripping Tool

This cutting tool meets all US quality standards with the solid nickel-chromium material it is made from making it a highly formidable piece of equipment that is able to withstand all manner of structural damage. 

A hard and razor-sharp stripper tip has resulted from the heating induction technique used in its manufacturer and it is also durable enough for continual use because of its rigid construction. This tool is one of the very best heavy-duty wire cutters thanks to its firm grip, machined jaws and clasping power and the diagonal pliers are made for clutching onto many different types of wires. 

This tool also comes with gripping rubber that prevents slippage and also cuts down on hand fatigue. 

IGAN-170 Wire Cutters

This wire cutter is widely regarded as one of the most reliable of all such tools. Its accuracy in regards to wire cutting is ensured by the carbon-metal jaw that has an angled cutter head, and it is also very tough and durable because of the intense heat treatment that the jaw received. 

The cutting head is just 11mm which makes it ideal for carrying out electrical handiwork, jewellery work and more. The minute head model also ensures that it can easily cut wires in just a single snip.

The tool is perfect for use in tight, enclosed spaces with its compact nature allowing for easy use in cramped places. It has a comfortable and soft grip with easy-to-handle TPE material which also ensures its durability. 

BOENFU Wire Flush Cutters

This tool can appear a little basic and dated but do not be fooled – BOENFU Wire Flush Cutters are able to cut, nip and shear any wires including cables, chains and tiger tails. The wire mesh cutter is made of rugged steel material that is compatible with many different cable types and will not easily rust or deteriorate in quality. 

It is important to ensure you make the right choice when looking for heavy-duty wire cutters.