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Black Creators Think TikTok Do Treat Them Unfairly

Black Creators have taken a big question which is that TikTok does treat them in a very bad manner, which does not happen on other social media platforms. This does indeed tell a lot about TikTok and how they do function. The application has been on the redder of FBI and other mega security players as many officials in the United States say that the application has been used to give data to the Chinese government who then use it and keep it for bad reasons. This does indeed tell how bad it is to have this application. Some Black Tiktoksimonettibloomberg.

Black Creators do have the platform – but they have not been treated in the very best manner. Hence, it does tell a lot about the game of TikTok and how bad they do use the platform to keep on growing. Mya Nicole Johnson, who is a 15-year-old black influencer, having more than 675,000 TikTok followers, feels that the platform is not allowing her to make an impact and this does lead things to a very sad level. She feels that the social media platform is not using the skills of black creators in the very best manner. Hence, it does put a question that why TikTok is doing that. Tiktok Feedback.

The mega Chinese-backed social media platform has become a global name. This is indeed what makes an impact around the world as people do not believe in China and how well they do run things. It feels as everything they do have a mean meaning which is to steal data as per many US experts, who do think that people should uninstall the app. Tiktok Black Creators Strike.

However, TikTok says that they do provide every gender, cast and religion professionals a right to chance to make an impact and keep on growing things. Hence, it does put the question that why would TikTok stop a young content curator from not getting the same base as having black creators would make the platform better despite knowing the fact that India does not have a role to play in the platform as the nation has banned the app due to geopolitical issues since 2020 and there is not sign of the app making a move back to India anytime soon.

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Hence, taking even black creators out of the market would be a bad look for TikTok as then many would uninstall the app which is not at all good. It feels that TikTok has become a huge platform, but people still think that they are doing something wrong and they do control things from the back to make TikTok a platform which is not all good for many creators who do work hard but not get the look and possible.

It does show the class of a person and the brand also as both do work as a pair to make the platform better and doing these things would not help them at all. This is why one has to make an impact.

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