Daniel Dubois vs Joe Joyce

Daniel Dubois vs Joe Joyce: A British Classic

There are not many battles to remember – but Daniel Dubois vs Joe Joyce was one to remember. After two postponements due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the event took place on 28 November 2020 in Church House, Westminster, London, England. At that time, both fighters were unbeaten. 

Hence, it did become a battle to remember. Joe Joyce had 11 wins to no losses – and Daniel Dubois had 15 wins without any losses. Hence, the battle became just great. The event was promoted by Hall Of Fame promoter Frank Warren. BT Sport promoted this event. 

Even ESPN showed this battle in the United States of America. Even in a country like India, where professional boxing is not famous, Eurosport showed the main event around 3 AM. It does show great event it was for British and European titles. Even it had WBC and WBO belts involved.  

Pre-fight battle: Daniel Dubois vs Joe Joyce

Daniel Dubois was the then-unbeaten dream of promoter Frank Warren. Joe Joyce was also his fighter – but he was supporting Daniel ahead of Joyce. But the 2016 Olympic Silver Medallist had the support of Sam Jones, who is a top boxing manager. As Sam can talk well, it helped to sell the fight. Daniel and Joe can talk – but they are not great speakers. Hence, it does impact the promoter to sell the fight in a better manner. In March 2020, Daniel said that he would harm Joe that he would not be able to see as his mother. 

It indeed started the war between both. Many experts were saying that Dubois had power, so he can stop Joe. As Joe’s fighting style does look big normal, many do feel that he could be an easy target. However, the chin of Joe is something great. Even Tyson Fury says that it is hard to beat Joe as he comes forward even after getting hit hard. 

Despite Joe fighting better names and having a better amateur career, he was not the one people were looking for. Hence, he said during the fight week that bet on him and celebrate Christmas with good money in pockets. 

Frank did sell even the O2 Arena before the COVID-19 pandemic. The fight did not happen there – but BT Sport did their best to please fans. As it was not a pay-per-view, the very factor allowed BT to promote the fight well and show to the public their class. Even rival promoters were talking about the fight, it indeed presented the class of the fight. 

Even Tyson Fury’s father, John Fury said that this is a 50-50 fight. Due to Joe’s age, many were writing him off. However, the case was totally different.  

Daniel Dubois vs Joe Joyce: The Fight 

Daniel Dubois vs Joe Joyce did present many things to the fans. Daniel did look well in the first three rounds. However, Joe was coming forward and jabbing the face of Daniel. It did make him lose rounds. Despite judges having Daniel up, Joe was winning the fight even with points? He knew that being an away fighter; it would be great to stop Daniel, who was taken to deep waters for the first time. 

Daniel Dubois vs Joe Joyce
Daniel Dubois vs Joe Joyce: A great battle

Joe hit the eye of Daniel very hard that he lost his vision. In the 10th round, Daniel was rubbing his eyes and was looking a bit off. Then a punch hit his eye made him look from just one eye. Daniel went down and let the referee count. He stopped the fight and Joe won a career defying match. The defeat would have been very hard to take for him. It gave him a good ranking WBO. His mother said after the fight that Daniel said bad things about her eye; hence, he did face an eye problem which stopped the fight. Carl Frampton even said that he quit. But then Andy Lee said that it is not bad to quit the fight. Even rival promoter Eddie Hearn talked about Daniel quitting. Frank presented the doctor’s say, and it looked as it was a very good decision. 

Daniel Dubois vs Joe Joyce: Post Fight 

Daniel Dubois is now coming back, developing his skills under new trainer Shane McGuigan. He is working well under him and looking happy. He took the chance to become great. Hence, the fans do respect him a lot. Daniel Dubois vs Joe Joyce did help the young fighter to be calmer and do look at the problems with style. Many still do believe that he can a world champion. 

Joe Joyce, on the other hand, can land good matches to earn good sums for doing well and become a top name. He has been associated with some top names. He even motivates Daniel to see a great life and become even better. 

Why Joe was the winner? 

Joe Joyce is a tall and powerful boxer. He can take the punch very well; hence, Joe looks cut above the rest. As he does not move very well, it does make many feel that Joe can be hit well and one can win against him. However, things are totally different. He can take the punch and can jab a boxer’s face. Hence, the fans do love him. He is humble and down to earth. The very factor does make him just cut above the rest. It takes one year to be a good boxer like him. 

Joe could have won gold in the 2016 Olympics – but he was robbed with judges. It does show how great he is. Joe likes to box and his size does help him a lot. Scoring a knockdown against him could be great for any boxer as he is a unit. 

His nickname is The Juggernaut, it does show his class of coming forward even in bad situations. Joe needs a world-class boxer to look great. Against average boxers, it does become hard for him to look great. He is a kind of a fighter who can box anyone and can even beat. Hence, the fight fans do respect him a lot. It does show his class in style.  

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