How Many Rounds In Boxing

How Many Rounds In Boxing: Everything To Know

How Many Rounds In Boxing is not a very hard concept to understand. The very factor depends on at what stage you are at as a professional boxer. As per that, one can that how many rounds you can compete in a fight. Every championship fight for the world title must have 12 rounds of three minutes for male fighters. 

For female boxers, there are 10 rounds of two minutes at the world championship level. In between these rounds, one can end the fight by knockout or technical knockout. 

After these 12 rounds, the game goes in the hands of three judges who do give good or bad decisions in the sport. Mostly, the fighter who can generate huge sums does have the utter edge. However, there is still a way to be better. Tyson Fury is a prime example. He did beat Wladimir Klitschko in Germany in a 12-round battle in 2015. Billy Joe Saunders did the same against David Lemieux in 2018 in Canada. He won all 12 rounds in the eyes of many.    

How Many Rounds In Boxing: History

In the 1800s, there was a rule that fight can last until there is just one man standing. It was a very hard rule as this sport can take lives very easily. Many times, it does play a role in the long run. Muhammad Ali used to fight 15 rounds of three minutes. However, after seeing boxers, facing many problems at old age, they started to make a 12-round contest. In the 21 century, this is the rule. The 15-round fight used to have so many problems. It does kill a person if there is no one stopping them. 

How Many Rounds In Boxing: Why Women Have Just 10 rounds? 

Female boxing came in boom after 2016. Boxers like Katie Taylor and Claressa Shields have taken the sport to the next level. Now, after 10 years, there can be many female fighters having millions of dollars at the bank. Female fighters also want 12 rounds of 3 minutes each at the championship level. 

However, the rule is there for 10 rounds of two minutes each. With 12 rounds, one can have more knockouts. However, many feel that it is scientifically not good for a woman to have more than 20 minutes of fight time as they do not low water capacity level.  

Many boxers want these 12 minutes rounds, while others feel that female fighters are different from males and 10 rounds show their class. Maybe in the future, there can be a change in rules (How Many Rounds In Boxing).

How Many Rounds In Boxing: How a boxer develops?

Many, who do have a great amateur background, do take like 12 fights to be a 12-round fighter. While those who turn professional without fighting much at the amateur level do take 20 fights or more to be a good 12-round fighter. 

How Many Rounds In Boxing
How Many Rounds In Boxing: History

Mexicans do debut at the age of 15 sometimes, so they become ready for 12 rounds by the age of 20 or 21. It means one can earn more and make a statement. It is just the way to be better than others. Different boxers have different stories. So it happens in that very way. These things decide how many rounds in boxing one can have. Some boxers start two just three rounds of three minutes each. It is a process, so the very factor does take time.  


There can be rounds up to 12 for the make and 10 max for females. It depends on a fighter that how he wants to make his or her career. Boxing is a very hash sport. A defeat can impact a lot. Hence, they do take every step very carefully. It might not be great for the fans, but it is outstanding for a fighter. Even fans do respect how great they work. 

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