Everything to Know About Buying Australian Art for Sale Online

In today’s world of digitisation, shopping trends have shifted sharply. Over the last couple of years, consumers have taken to shopping from the comfort of their phones. Even though Australia’s offline art scene is thriving, online purchases have reported a significant migration. With businesses moving to online spheres, art buyers have joined the trend. If you want to expand your art collection or wish to decorate your house, this guide will help you purchase Australian art for sale online.

Why Are You Buying Art?

First and foremost, understand your purpose in purchasing art. For instance, art lovers or collectors regularly buy artworks as a hobby or investment. On the other hand, some people buy art pieces to decorate or style their space. Your reason behind buying art determines the artist you form a connection with and the artwork’s theme and size.

Where will You Display the Piece?

Usually, art collectors have a designated area or space to keep their purchases, such as special areas or showrooms. However, the specifications differ if you are collecting art to adorn your bedroom or living room. Consumers’ common challenge when purchasing art online is miscalculating their space and artwork’s size. When making a purchase, measure the area to understand its dimensions. Knowing the measurements will allow you to determine whether the work fits in the allotted space.

What is Your Budget?

The average price of Australian artwork ranges from $200 to $250. Find an art dealer or gallery whose collection fits your budget. Unlike offline galleries, online galleries add additional costs, such as delivery and custom for international purchases. If you are new to the art world, it will be best to keep your budget tight until you get the hang of online shopping.

What is Your Aesthetic Preference?

Another factor to consider when buying Australian art for sale online is your style, taste, and aesthetic preferences. Purchase a piece that compliments your work or living space. For instance, artworks that contrast with the wall or the room’s overall appeal look stunning. Choose the work according to its colour scheme, theme, and your space’s pattern and texture. Alternatively, you could display monotone art pieces on plain walls to create a soothing and visual design.

Have You Done Your Research?

The art world is wide. Paintings, portraits, photos, and digital prints—the market consists of a plethora of art forms and styles. If you are a new buyer, you should research different artists. Primarily, Australian art is categorised as contemporary art and acclaimed art. Contemporary artists like Ken Knight and Ji Chen are rising artists. Established artists like Sidney Nolan and Tom Roberts are nationally and globally renowned. Thorough research allows you to expand your palette and learn about various artists and works. Also, studying the art world will help you make an informed decision and prevent you from regretting your purchase.

Is the Art Dealer Authentic?

When buying art online, check the gallery’s authenticity. An art dealer must have a registered Australian Business Number (ABN) to run a gallery in Australia. Check the online store’s website, reviews, ratings, and social media handles to ensure it is legitimate. In addition, make sure the gallery has proper and adequate knowledge regarding the history of art, the artists it represents, and their artworks.

Wrapping Up

When buying Australian art for sale online, purchase pieces according to the aesthetic and size of your room or space. You should also ensure the gallery owner has a legitimate licence, glowing reviews, and experience.