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Everything You Need To Know About Chronus and Plannings With 78 Million Funding

More about Chronus
Chronus enables the world’s top employers to shape a future ready workforce by providing mentoring software that unlocks their employees’ full potential. Since its inception in 2007, Chronus has always been the market maker as well as innovator in mentoring software, powering thousands of programmes for millions of people. Every day, the world’s most innovative organizations, including Edward Lifesciences, Amazon, Electronic Arts, ViaSat, and Mars, rely on Chronus to strengthen their encompassing and future ready mentoring programmes. Chronus 78m Equitydeppengeekwire.

Chronus Services
Set up and configure your mentoring software premised on your program’s requirements. Administrators of programmes should receive training. Design, pilot and launch consultation for your Chronus mentoring programme. Deep data analytics & reporting, as well as a review of your program’s performance. Best practises, recommendations, product & expertise on the subject to assist you in evolving and scaling your programme. Ongoing technical assistance is provided to programme administrators as well as platform end users. Chronus 78m Level Equitydeppengeekwire.

Benefits of using Chronus
Allows you to create customizable mentoring programmes and track the overall growth of mentors and mentees. Determines the best course of action for effective mentoring outcome measures for your specific programme based on our mentoring expertise. Assist mentors and mentees in completing their mentoring programmes in a structured way, based on our guided experience, training materials, and phone applications, keeping mentoring relationships productive. Completely customizable reports for analyzing real time metrics and programme insights, allowing programme owners to track progress and demonstrate results to stakeholders. Intended to save programme administrators time and effort by automating matching, communication campaigns, monitoring, and reporting. Grow in size and positively affect more people. 78m Level Equitydeppengeekwire.

Collaboration with Level Equity
Chronus announced today that Level Equity, a firm based in New York & San Francisco, has made a 78 million dollars investment to fund growth strategies and accelerate Chronus’ ability to meet the needs of organizations looking to modify their workforce to flourish in a more hybrid as well as inclusive future.

Chronus has helped organizations launch, manage, scale, and quantify mentorship programs to address critical business projects across the employee lifecycle, such as retaining employees, talent development and DEI, with nearly fifteen years of experience and the industry’s largest and most diverse team. This collaboration with ‘Level Equity’ will allow Chronus to capitalize on its deep expertise in using mentoring to cultivate inclusive, people centered cultures that are ready for the future.

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About Level Equity
The company Level Equity was founded in North America, specifically in the United States. When Level Equity invests, the pretty standard startup value ranges between $500 million and $1 billion. The year with the most fund exits was 2019. When comparing real fund outcomes, this VC commits to exit 56% more frequently than other organizations. The fund is consistently included in two to six investment rounds per year. Deals in the scope of 10 to 50 million dollars are common for funds. This Level Equity operates on a 13 percentage point lower average lead investment than the other organizations. In 2017, fund activity was at its peak.

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