NetBaseQuid Patient Journey

NetBaseQuid is a social media analytics tool that analyzes the patient journey and provides suggestions for how a company can use the data to make decisions about marketing campaigns. NetBaseQuid goes through nine social media channels and helps companies form a marketing campaign based on those analytics. For example, the tool analyzes tweets from Twitter through each of the nine channels and then assigns a score between 0 and 100 based on how useful each of those tweets is for formulating a marketing campaign. The clinical trials tool can be set up to pick up patient data from any of its internal or outside sources. The tool can work with one database at a time, which is useful if multiple kinds of patient information exist within your company.

1. Access

In the next phase, NetBaseQuid looks at Facebook and can analyze which users’ posts are shared most often. The tool looks at which of those users are being followed the most and develops a marketing campaign based on what information about patient journey is available to share with fans.

2. Awareness

In the third phase, NetBaseQuid uses Pinterest so that companies can develop an understanding of what people’s boards contain and how they would react to new boards. The company can use this information to create boards with similar content and then grow the followers of those boards.

3. Impact

Next, the company can look at Twitter again, this time analyzing tweets that are related to #cysticfibrosis. They can use this information to create a marketing campaign that is tailored to people who tweet about cystic fibrosis and their friends/family members. The tool also looks at how many times each tweet has been retweeted and which users were retweeted the most often.

4. Action

In the next phase, NetBaseQuid uses LinkedIn to gather information on what people in a certain field care about. This tool can be set up for medical personnel and C-level executives. It has a group feature that analyzes which groups people have joined and how often they have updated those groups. This tool can help companies develop better marketing campaigns based on what information is most popular and what information is needed by that professional group of people.

5. Care

NetBaseQuid then looks at Twitter one final time, this time looking at conversations related to #breastcancer. The tool analyzes which users talk about breast cancer and why they talk about it. This information can be used to create a marketing campaign tailored to people interested in breast cancer and how it affects them.

6. Treatment

NetBaseQuid can also be used to help companies understand the best treatment options when it comes to drugs. The tool looks at how many times each drug has been mentioned on Twitter and then analyzes which users are most interested in that drug. It will determine which patients should be given the drug based on their interests and information available on social media.

7. Sales

In this phase, NetBaseQuid uses Facebook again, this time focusing on sales. The tool analyzes which companies share the most company-approved posts and determines how many times each has been shared. Once it has gathered that information, NetBaseQuid takes it to the next level and analyzes which of those shares may be spammy or created by fake accounts.


Lastly, the tool can take all the data from all nine social media channels and put it together to create a marketing campaign based on that information. The tool will then present these other companies with options for how to react to learning about their patients via social media.