Reasons To Consider A Career In Teaching

Most teachers often mention that their roles as teachers are endlessly rewarding along with many other practical advantages. Today we will be discussing a few of the primary reasons many people choose the career path of teaching, and some of the drawbacks you need to know about. If you’re in Birmingham, you can find educational jobs at supply teaching agencies in Birmingham.

1. Variety

As a teacher, each day will be different, and each class is also different. The routines are consistently broken up into school trips, sports days, holidays, celebrations, and on some occasions a few unexpected things. It is one of the best career paths for anyone that doesn’t like sitting behind a desk every day.

2. Entertaining

If you are willing and confident in being creative, your lessons can be very entertaining and fun. In general, lessons that highly engage children will be the ones that you also enjoy. Examples of this could include making a rocket in chemistry or acting out plays in different languages. School time outside lessons can also turn into something fun. You could also satisfy your interests by starting a vegetable garden for the school, a knitting club during your lunch breaks, or even annual robot challenges.

3. Working With Children

There are not a lot of jobs or roles where one can truly rely on people you spend your time with to be enthusiastic and energetic and the type of people that honestly speak about what is on their minds. Certain people enjoy finger-painting with children that are four years old, while others enjoy teaching literature to A-level students. Regardless of the level you choose, among the primary reasons why people choose the path of teaching is the enjoyment they receive from working with young people and children.

4. Make A Difference

Certain teachers choose the career path of a teacher since they enjoyed their school days so much and would like to pass this experience on. For other people, it is the opposite. They experienced a letdown due to poor teaching which has caused them to want to offer other children a much better experience.

5. Long Holidays

While the holidays alone should not persuade you into becoming a teacher, it does sweeten the choice. However, it is important to understand that there are loads of admin and preparation that you need to complete during the holidays. At the same time, you will have limited flexibility to take a holiday during the term times what is your question.

6. Transferrable Skills

When you become a teacher, there are skills you will develop that are highly valuable to many employers. Some of these include conflict resolution, organisation, communication, confidence, and the perseverance and determination that are needed to work effectively in classrooms. You will prepare yourself for anything. This can include related careers such as social or youth work to many of the city jobs such as auditing and consultancy.

7. An Adequate Salary

Teaching is not going to turn you into a multi-millionaire, but when you are responsible, and you excel you could reach an impressive salary of £50,000 (or even more).

8. Financial Aid While You Are Training

With certain in-demand subjects, it is possible to get a bursary that will equate to an ample salary while training.

9. A Schedule That Matches Your Own Children

If you are planning to become a parent, or you are a parent, your career offers the advantage of your holidays matching up to your kid’s schedule. You will be allowed to enjoy quality time and activities with your children during the holidays while saving a lot of money on not having to send your kids to a holiday childcare programme.

The Drawbacks

If you are thinking of becoming a teacher, it is important to know about the main difficulties you might encounter. here are a few of them:

– Heavy Workload

In addition to a complete teaching schedule, you will also need to set aside time for planning lessons, marking tests and books, creating resources, doing admin, documenting all your work, and having to write reports for each student at the end of every term.

– Constant Changes

With a teaching career, government attitudes, targets, and guidelines seem to change from one year to the next, which can leave teachers struggling to stay abreast.

– Media Attitude

The media is prone to vilifying people that teach. While at first, it may appear easy to ignore, certain people discover that this will affect them a lot more than expected.