Review About Sig P320 X5 Legion holster

Sig assembled its inheritance on the well-known Sig P226. The P226 acquired the vast majority of its reputation from being the standard-issue sidearm of the Navy Seals.

They had huge accomplishments with a more minimized form of the Sig P226 the Sig P229. It was given to the US Air Marshals. Before the Sig P226 and P229, their most infamous gun was the Sig P320 X5 Legion holster.

A solitary activity just gun conveyed by the Swiss Military and Police.

This at last gave them the benefit they were searching for.

Instant Aftermarket

They delivered distinction-measured outlines that could be bought from amazon or other internet-based retailers for under $50.

To get their firearm custom stepped they could ship off their edge without desk work. If they had any desire to have a go at changing the edge on their own they would possibly be out $50 assuming that they screwed upset had begun a superior line of guns they called the army line that was consigned to the mallet discharged firearms. USPSA convey optics at the time had a weight limit for the firearms of a little more than 40 ounces.

The famous polymer weapons made an appearance well under that breaking point. Sig saw a potential chance to get imaginative and presented the Sig P320 X5 Legion.

It engaged USPSA to convey optics contenders along with their better quality Legion Consumers.


The Sig P320 X5 Legion is a huge firearm tipping the scales at 43.5 ozs.

It utilizes a polymer outline that is mixed with tungsten. This builds the weight on numerous occasions over what an ordinary Sig P320 X5 edge would gauge. Sig’s hypothesis behind this I’m certain was to some degree spurred by infusion-shaped outlines being less expensive to deliver than machined outlines.


The weapon holds 17 rounds and the magazines ne transported with henning bunch of aluminum base cushions. The firearm will take any Sig P320 magazine that is viable with the Sig X Frame. Assuming you intend to shoot USPSA in a division that requires your magazines fit inside their 140mm rules note that sig’s 21round magazine for the Sig P320 probably won’t fit with the USPSA guaranteed measure. A portion of the 21-round OEM magazines do.

Other OEM magazines don’t.

I suspect to this end Sig ships the P320 X Legion magazine with the henning bunch base cushions. The aluminum base cushions really do give the whole bundle a better quality feel.

One thing you’ll see without skipping a beat is the huge mag well on the lower part of the weapon.

The mag well is removable and not a piece of the casing. This is great cause you want to eliminate weight from the weapon or your sport doesn’t permit magazine wells that aren’t important for the edge. The Sig P320 X5 Legion mag well is very viable.

Euro Optic

USPSA Carry Optics division expects you to take the Sig P320 X5 Legion mag well off of the weapon to contend .Without the magazine very much mounted the Sig P320 X5 Legion is normal of any comparable estimated firearm.

Hold Modules

The hold on the Sig P320 X5 army is totally monstrous so it permits you to get a great grasp. However, provided that you have medium to bigger estimated hands. There are no backstraps or different methods for changing the casing size and ergonomics of the shooter. The hold isn’t actually the most agreeable in the hand. In any case, it permits you to put force in the appropriate puts on the weapon to control withdrawal really. In the event that you’re searching for the most agreeable grasp, you should rethink the Sig P320 X5 Legion and go with the standard Sig P320 Frame.

Grasp Length

Assuming you have huge hands the hold on the P320 army may be somewhat short for your hands. In the event that you don’t have the magwell introduced. The magwell gives you some additional length. Despite the fact that the P320 holds 17 rounds with a flush fit magazine the grasp is somewhat more limited than say a Glock 17 Gen 5. The justification for this is the Sig P320 series has a high drag hub. The high drag hub and the area of the P320 skeleton push the lower part of the trigger watchman undercut lower. That implies you don’t have very as much land for your fingers on the hold. In any case, similar to I said except if you have enormous hands the Sig P320 X5 Legion hold ought to fit you fine.


The finishing on the firearm isn’t stunningly forceful however it isn’t smooth by the same token. The Sig P320 tungsten outline has a somewhat rough surface even in regions that don’t have a surface. The army outline feels like it’s made of exceptionally hard chalk. There is matching shapes in finishing on the front lash, back tie, and the sides. It’s exceptionally compelling at keeping your hand in a similar put on the firearm.

On the off chance that you’re conveying this firearm IWB, it very well may be somewhat forceful on the skin. The Texturing feels more strong in a Tungsten polymer half and half-edge than it would in a typical polymer outline.


The slide is totally gigantic and keeping in mind that the serrations aren’t insane forceful they positively take care of business.

The covering they have on the slide additionally has that pasty feel which further assists you with building up forward movement while following the slide. The slides have a huge chamfer that gets much bigger as you get more forward as an afterthought.

Their serrations on the facade of the slide are just areas on the sides and to not stretch out up to the chamfers rather they’re still simple to snatch while racking the slide from the front or leading a press check. There are lightning cuts on the highest point of the slide however they don’t influence your capacity to control the slide in any capacity.


The Sig P320 army has a Dawson accuracy customizable back mounted on the optics mount cover pate. They’re coordinated with a green fiber optic front and model what you would hope to find on a firearm plan for elite firing. On the off chance that you intend to run a red speck, you’ll lose full utilization of your back sight since it’s mounted to the plate rather than a dovetail processed into the slide.

Sig P320 Legion Optic

The ongoing creation of P320 Legion is viable with Sig’s Romeo1Pro optic. The first Sig P320 X5 utilized an appropriateness mounting framework that coordinated with the Sig Romeo 1 they delivered at that point and afterward, they moved to the Leupold Delta Point Pro Pattern after the M17 was taken o

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