Tips To Recover Faster From an Accident

Millions of people are injured in car accidents each year. Some of these injuries require extensive time off from work and a lengthy recovery process. Your recovery time will likely depend on the severity and type of your injury. This guide includes a few tips to help you speed up your recovery process so that you can get back to your normal life faster.

Seek Immediate Medical Care

It’s important to seek immediate medical care following a car accident. Just because you feel fine doesn’t mean you are. Car accidents often involve a lot of fear and anxiety, which can easily mask the symptoms of an injury. Waiting to receive medical care can not only slow down your healing process, but it can also be dangerous.

Whether you request EMS transportation to the nearest hospital or you’re able to drive yourself there, notify the medical provider that you have been in an accident. They’ll conduct a full medical evaluation. They may run tests or look for any signs of internal bleeding. 

They may send you home rather than admit you to the hospital with instructions to look out for any additional symptoms. A visit to a medical center can also help you document the accident. If you wait a week or two to seek medical care, it may be difficult to connect any injuries you have to the car accident.

Protect Your Legal Rights From the Beginning

Protecting your legal rights from the beginning can ensure you have the funds you need to recover. For example, taking photographs at the scene of the accident and notifying your insurance company as soon as possible can make the claims process less complicated. If you suffer severe injuries, contacting a lawyer from the beginning allows you to focus on your recovery.

The typical personal injury process can be time-consuming and expensive. You don’t need the stress of dealing with insurance companies or other lawyers slowing down your healing process. A personal injury lawyer can also help you access funds that may assist with your recovery, including lost wages, medical expenses, physical therapy costs, and even counseling sessions.

Follow Your Doctor’s Orders

Following your doctor’s orders as prescribed can also help you speed up recovery. Try to follow all doctor’s orders, including time off from work and rest requirements. Attend all follow-up appointments and schedule any specialist visits they may suggest. 

Physical therapy is often an important part of recovery from an accident. Recovery in physical therapy may require multiple appointments per week for a few months. Keeping up with these appointments is your best chance of faster recovery.

Take Sufficient Time Off From Work

If your doctor suggests time off from work, this means you need to rest. It’s important to follow their orders, even if it means you won’t get paid for the time off. Taking time off from work may be even more important when working in physically laborious positions, like construction workers or contractors. You don’t want to return to work only to reinjure yourself and further slow the recovery process.

Get Ample Rest

Rest is important to the healing process. Limit activity for as long as you need to recover. This includes avoiding extensive physical activity for a while. Continue following your doctor’s orders and avoid heavy workouts or lifting until cleared. Try to avoid heavy house or yard work until you’re fully recovered. If possible, task another family member with childcare duties, especially when you have smaller children in the household.

Avoid Drugs and Alcohol

It’s also a good idea to avoid drugs and alcohol while recovering, with the exception of any prescriptions your doctor orders. Drugs and alcohol can mask pain and lead to an emotional or physical addiction or dependence. Some over-the-counter medications may even slow down the healing process.

Keep a Positive Mindset

Keeping a positive mindset can also help with recovery. It’s normal to feel stressed and overwhelmed when recovering from an accident, so including mental health in your recovery is important. If you notice any lingering fear, scheduling an appointment with a counselor may be worth it. It’s not uncommon to experience post-traumatic stress following an accident. If you find it difficult to get behind the wheel again, or you find yourself constantly reliving the accident, reaching out to a mental health professional may be a good idea.

A car accident can be life-changing. By protecting your legal rights and following your doctor’s orders, you can shorten the time it takes to recover. The faster you recover, the sooner you can return to work and your favorite hobbies.

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