Causes of Addiction & How a Rehab Facility in California Can Help

One of the common challenges facing the youth and the community at large is drug addiction. Although some may argue that drug addiction is more evident among people in the lower cadre, the affluent also have the same challenges. Drug addiction starts from simply trying out a certain drug and wanting more and more of it. Some of the commonly most abused drugs are marijuana, heroin, cocaine, alcohol, and meth, to mention a few.

Many states have set up rehabilitation facilities that help addicts turn into a new leaf. The facilities have professionals and resources that help during the process. Let us discuss some of the causes of addiction in society. You should also consider visiting California rehab centers to learn more.

  1. Peer Pressure

Peer influence is the greatest contributor to drug use, misuse, and addiction. It is especially common among the youth. When you are surrounded by friends who constantly do drugs, then it will only be a matter of time before you indulge too.

The people you surround yourself with greatly impact your life transitions. You are likely to be coerced by your peers to try a sniff, puff, or shot. If the drugs are highly addictive, there is no going back for you.

Most of those battling addiction started after being influenced by their friends and peers. Having the wrong company is like taking a step toward addiction. Cut ties with friends who are constantly pressuring you to try out drugs. You do not have to go down that road.

  1. Family History

Like other genetically inherited diseases, addiction can be passed down through genetics. Some families have common cases of addiction in their lineage. Once an individual starts using drugs, the genetic trait may easily catch up with them hence resulting in addiction.

It is essential that you study your family history and find out if there were one too many cases of addiction. Having a relative, parent, or sibling that struggles with addiction increases your chances of battling drug addiction too.

Understanding your family history is a step from making a mess of yourself. Once you learn of addiction running in your family, you can prevent yourself from ever trying or taking drugs. You can opt for rehabilitation facilities that have guiding and counseling sessions even for those trying to keep away from drugs.

These facilities offer the best support and give you tips that help you steer away from the use of drugs.

  1. Mental Health Disorder

Mental health disorder is another contributing factor to addiction. Mental health disorder is extensive as it covers various kinds of mental illnesses such as depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), stress and anxiety, and ADHD, to mention a few. These mental illnesses can trigger an individual to start using them as a way of numbing their psychological pain. Constant use of drugs as a coping mechanism results in addiction. This worsens your state because you will now have to deal with different issues, addiction, and mental illness.

Individuals suffering from any mental health disorder are advised to always stay with people they love or support groups that help them express and figure out their feelings. It is challenging to go through it alone as it only lures you into using drugs. Find out more here

  1. Lack of Family Involvement

Dysfunctional families are also a common contributor. Nowadays, most parents neglect their children and are instead busy working across different towns, cities, or states. The lack of proper family involvement to guide children into the right path is what lures them to drug abuse and then addiction.

Some resort to constant drinking of alcohol to fill the emptiness they have at home. Those with parents working out of town or in different states regularly throw house parties where they are exposed to substances like salvia, psychedelic mushrooms, ketamine, cocaine, and many more.

Lack of parental supervision is a risk to children as they are at liberty to use various substances. Present parents who are highly invested in the lives of their children cannot allow them to use drugs. They can also easily tell if their children start using and stop them early enough.

Family involvement also includes siblings. Having a sibling who is present, and a support system gives one the love and company they seek when dealing with substances.

  1. Highly Addictive Drugs

An individual can unsuspectingly become an addict because of the kind of drugs they used. Some drugs are highly addictive compared to others. Such include cocaine and opioid painkillers, to mention a few.

Certain clinically prescribed medicines can also be highly addictive, especially pain-numbing ones. Restrain from using medicines that will make you entirely dependent on them. Ask for other options instead.

Stay far away from highly addictive drugs to avoid dependency and withdrawal effects.

  1. Trauma

Childhood and general life experiences can push someone to the extreme. Trauma is built from horrible childhood experiences such as physical, verbal, or sexual abuse, neglect, and divorces. Trauma messes with one’s psychological, physical, and emotional health.

Witnessing traumatic experiences has a negative toll on an individual. The images and experiences remain intact in their memories. Some affect people years later after they grow up.

An individual may decide to opt for alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, or any other substance to down all the pain they have. They wash away the bad memories by constant use. However, this is not advised as it is only the breeding ground for addiction. Click here to see how you can beat addiction.


Many other minor factors cause addiction; however, they should not be overlooked. Coming out of addiction is not as easy as one may think. It needs help from professionals and resources from certified facilities.

Avoid taking drugs or alcohol to prevent yourself from slipping into an addict. As the phrase goes, ‘better safe than sorry’. Do not be pressurized by peers as there is nothing that you are missing by staying away from drugs. Continuous misuse is a risk to one’s health as one may develop illnesses such as liver cirrhosis.

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