Are You Doing These Things Before Bedtime?

We’ve all suffered sleepless nights at some point in our lives, so we know that bad sleeping habits could affect our daily performance if we let it go on for too long. Prolonged sleep deprivation can cause more severe problems like obesity, heart disease, diabetes, etc. Consequently, you shouldn’t let your sleep problems go on for too long. 

Sometimes, a stressful lifestyle could give you sleep complications, and other times, bad habits before bed could be why you can’t get a good night’s rest. On that note, below are a few things you can do to stop these habits and start getting quality sleep. 

  1. Try CBD before bed.

Cannabidiol has been known to help improve sleep quality. A lot of people use products from the trusted OTO CBD for sleep range. CBD oil usually takes as short as 20 minutes to kick in. You might even feel the full effects at this time. However, it’s not the same for everyone, so experts recommend you take it at most an hour before bed.

  1. Create a relaxing environment.

Perhaps, you have problems sleeping because your bedroom still feels like the office. You can’t be expected to sleep properly if you’re still in work mode. Try making some changes if this is the case; think of things that make you relax and incorporate them in your bedroom design

First, ensure that your mattress is comfortable enough. Some people purchase really hard mattresses because they feel it’s better for their posture. However, investing in a more comfortable mattress would do wonders for your sleep and relaxation. Also, keep your room in the right temperature range to help you relax more easily. Temperatures between 16°c and 18°c are usually advised. Also, try to keep your room as neat as possible; the less clutter you have, the better. 

  1. Get off your devices sometime before bed.

Make a strict “no devices in the bedroom” rule and stick to it. As soon as you decide to go to bed, switch off your devices and leave them in the living room or study. Suppose you prefer to keep your phone in the room in case of emergency phone calls or alarms. In that case, leave it as far away as possible.

Also, try switching the lights or using a night light for a change. Having a fully lit room during bedtime gives your body the impression that it’s still daytime, so it’s better to ensure your room is dark when you’re ready to sleep. If you don’t like completely dark rooms, you could get glow-in-the-dark bedding or ceiling decor.