Tips for throwing a perfect cocktail party

Cocktail parties are usually organised to enjoy a good time with friends or family. A small gathering that goes for long hours requires a good drink. If you are hosting a cocktail party, indulge in proactive planning. From sending invites to deciding the menu, planning well ahead of time will help you relish the cocktail party without any worries.

Provide a mix of beverages

It is impossible to provide all the liquor in your cabinet, but you can select a signature cocktail. For instance, a Mountain Red Gum Single Malt can be the best way to start a cocktail party and serve wine. 

You may receive wine as gifts from the guests, which can be offered to everyone attending your party. Depending on your decision, you can also save the wine for another event.

It is hard to determine how much alcohol is required for the party, and you can’t visit the liquor store if you run out in the middle of the party. Ensure you have saved some bottles for the party, which can be used for several occasions.  

Remember that the guests in your party may not like alcohol, and many consider having alternatives. Add sparkling water, cranberry juice, or some drinks that your non-alcoholic buddies would enjoy drinking.

Decorate your space

Make it festive when you choose the living room as the venue to host a cocktail property. First, get rid of the clutters in the room and keep it clean. Decorate your space with fresh flowers or light a candle for a refreshing look. 

You can also include some accessories like vibrant coasters or flashy cocktail napkins. If you are throwing a party to celebrate an event like a birthday or national holiday, set a theme accordingly.

Music is a must

A curated playlist can elevate your cocktail party’s enjoyment by several notches. Make sure you play the music before the people arrive, and it helps to set the party vibe from the beginning. It can be quite tacky to commence the cocktail party with awkward silence. 

Before seeing a massive influx of guests, set the mood right and pick suitable songs to keep the party going. If your buddies are interested in DJing, allow them to do the job.

Choose the right drinks for your party

Investing in fine quality drinks like Mountain Red Gum Single Malt is vital. People will expect to enjoy the party with premium products that can be served with other liquors in your cupboard for a long time. When it comes to ice cubes, use mineral water and avoid unpleasant tap water. If the food menu is light, don’t include creamy cocktails.

Include refreshments

Though it is a cocktail party, guests won’t be sipping the drinks, and you can stock up on refreshments, including cheeses, meats, crackers, and more. It is better to keep the refreshments a few minutes before starting the party. Place plates, knives, and napkins that will allow the guests to serve themselves.

Consider the logistics

People attending your party will look for places to keep their belongings and use washrooms. You can use hangers in the wardrobe or encourage guests to leave their coats and bags in a safe place. It is about making up the space for everything, so the guests won’t find it challenging to settle.

Wrapping up

When it comes to a cocktail party, the hosts must take care of everything. Choosing the best drinks is very important, so ensure you have stocked up on liquor. Buy premium beverages in a good store and serve a mix of drinks, including wine, gin, beer, and more.