Why Choose European Formula Brands?

When it is time for you to decide what kind of formula is right for your newborn, things get a little bit difficult. There are so many different companies, types of formulas, and even forms they come in. What you should do in this case is conduct thorough research and gather all possible info about various brands and types of baby formula. This guide will help you do that and share a few interesting facts about European formula brands and their benefits. Enjoy your reading!

Top 5 reasons to buy European formulas

Is Organic baby formula really as good as it is often described? Down below, you can find 5 key benefits of European products for babies:

  • European formula meets the needs of all babies. 

If your child has some special dieting needs, European formula is the right pick for you. All across Europe, it’s very common to find various brands and types of formula that are made for certain diets, and might not be a fit for everyone, but will definitely be an amazing choice for a baby that can have only certain foods and ingredients. European companies offer lactose-free, gluten-free, organic, and many other kinds of formulas that might be extremely hard to find in the US.

  • European formulas contain fewer additives. 

Additives aren’t always necessarily a big thing, but when it comes to your baby’s health, it’s better to avoid them as much as possible. Additives like carrageenan, lecithin, and many others are used to extend the formula’s shelf-life, and even though it is a good thing that a formula can last longer, these components might have a negative impact on your baby’s health. European baby formulas don’t contain carrageenan along with many other additives. Moreover, these ingredients are banned in most countries in Europe. 

  • The European Commission set higher standards for baby formulas.

In the US, there are fewer restrictions and it’s enough to just make the list of ingredients safe in general, while in the EU, there is a huge list of ingredients that are banned from being added to baby formulas. European products for babies don’t contain sucrose and have fewer carbohydrates in the ingredients list. 

  • EU formulas are manufactured in better conditions. 

European companies have strict policies and rules regarding the farming and manufacturing process of products for babies. They use biodynamic farming standards so that all baby formulas contain better ingredients and won’t have any negative impact on infants’ health after consumption.

  • It is easy to buy. 

Some believe that this European formula is not manufactured in the US, and it is impossible to buy it. However, that’s not true. There are tons of reliable shops where you can find European formulas of all kinds. However, what you should always do is check the original source link to ensure that the website you’re going to purchase the formula from is a reliable one. 

Is the European formula a good option for you? 

There are tons of options available on the market, but European organic formulas stand out the most. This is because every bottle or package you buy is always high-quality and healthy. With European formula brands, you’ll rest assured that your baby’s health is not at risk of being influenced by toxins and chemicals. But which kind of formula should you choose? Well, this is another story. There are tons of products to choose from, but all of them, no matter what type of formula or which brand you decide to go for, will provide your baby with everything they need.