White tip nails

Learn More About White Tip Nails

White tip nails are also called French nail. As the name suggests, it originated in France and was popularized by Hollywood. The nails are subtle as it only got white tip on the grown nail.

Rise Of French White Tip Nails

French nails were worn by many celebrities in the 80s and 90s especially by famous women in popular interviews and shows. At one point, they only wore the white tip nail as it was and it still is so chic and elevated. Once Hollywood noticed the white tip nail, they tried to include the nail tip in many of the iconic photoshoots, movies and music videos of that time.

Women were fantasized by the chic look of French nails and made it a trend. W. tip nails were not that hard to recreate for many women as one gets to apply only on the tip of the fingernail. W. tip nails are still the classic nails and can never be forgotten, in other words, timeless.

White Tip Nails For Women Of Age Group?

For women who want a minimal look for their nails and do not like the solid matte nail color, w. tip nails are a blessing. They suit any woman and can be worn by any age group, mainly by women who are in their mid 30s to 40s.

Aged women look more sophisticated with white tip nail and those women who wish to get their nails done in their busy schedule, French nail can be their go-to!

Occasions That Would Suit White Tip Nails

They suit any formal event or meeting as they quite look sophisticated. For women who are trying to achieve elegance, can start with a fresh white nail to level up their elegance game.

Most probably, w. tip nails or French nails would go with any dress or any color. Pretty much everything. From jeans to long solid color dresses, from shorts to mini dresses, white tip nails emphasize the whole look. Adding pearl rings or white stoned bracelets would accentuate the hand and the fingers. French nails do suggest a clean manicure.

Celebrities are found with a white tip nail wearing denim. It’s a classic statement. Pop singers go easy with nails while wearing a white tip nail so to highlight their costume.

Achieving Info

To achieve a w. tip nail, keeping the nails short and the edges smooth is the best choice. One can go for light pink finish, add the white tip and top it off with a clear polish to make the nail polish last much longer.  It might take a while to master the white tip, but once it’s done perfectly, there’s no looking back as it can make one fall in love with it.

White tip nails
A class act

Sure, women are interested in the long nail look these days, French nails can be achieved with long nails as well, but will not look as elegant as one thinks it would. It’s better to stick with the traditional short nail for white tips!

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