Lella Lombardi

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Lella Lombardi is indeed a name to feel proud of. She was a great name who passed away on 3 March 1992, being as one of the best female racing drivers of all time. What Lombardi did for her career is and for women who want to name in motorsport just out of this world. She is an example to follow for several ladies around the world. It was ladies like her who did see that there should be a balance between male and female drivers. It is still far away and might take like 60 years. However, a change is very much possible. Hence, let us know more about Lella and see what makes her special. 

Bio of Lella Lombardi

Lella Lombardi was a legendry motorsports racing driver. She was born on 26 March 1941 in Frugarolo, Italy and passed away on 3 March 1992 in Milan, Italy. She was 49 years old when left this world. It did make Aries her zodiac sign. Italian was her nationality. Lella was a part of the white ethnicity and did follow the Christian religion. Lella was always a true follower of the Christian religion. Jack Muldowney was her handsome husband. She did get the love for cars from him only. 

Physical Stats of Lella Lombardi

Lella Lombardi had a beautiful body look in a boy cut. She did stand 5 feet and 4 inches tall. Lella did take care of her body very well being a driver. Hence, she weighed around 56 kg. Dark brown eyes and hair along with white did take her to look to the next level. Lella did not like to make tattoos as much as others did back then. Her feet size was 8 (US). Lella’s body measurements were 34-26-34 inches. 

Lella Lombardi Early Life 

Lella Lombardi was born in Frugarolo, Italy. Frugarolo is a beautiful Comune in Italy. Despite being a famous name, she did not share the names of her parents and siblings.

Lella Lombardi
Famous Lella Lombardi

While growing up, she used to drive the truck of her father. It did make her a strong lady back in the 19050s when there many rich people in Italy in compression to many other rich nations around the world. She did her studies in Frugarolo. However, her love was always to drive cars and make a name in the sport. She was kind of the first one to open doors for women in this sport. 

Lella Lombardi: Love Life 

Lella Lombardi married to Jack Muldowney. It was him to who led Lella to have a great career in motorsports. She had a great time with Jack. 

Lella Lombardi: Professional Career 

Lella Lombardi had a great career as a motorsports racing driver. In 1965, she did had her first car, racing in Formula Monza. In just three years, in 1968, she did participate in Italian Formula Three. For a woman, it was indeed a very big thing. Two years later, in 1970, she did race a Biraghi. It was an Italian Formula 850 series. 

In that year, she did win 10 races. A year later, in 1971, she did move to London, England, and won the Formula Ford Mexico championship. After four years, in 1974, she raced in Formula 5000. It was an Eagle Chevrolet. In 1974, she made her Formula One debut. She was backed by the Italian Automobile Club. However, Lella failed to qualify then. She even won the 1975 Austrian Grand Prix and shocked the whole world. From 1974 to 1976, she did participate 17 times in F1. Indeed, it was a great time for a woman. Hence, everyone respects her in the game. She is a legend of the game. 

Net Worth

Lella Lombardi had a net worth of a million pounds. It was huge money back then. 

Social Media

Lella Lombardi died in 1992, so she did not have any encounters with social media. However, one can take a look at the Instagram account of W Series for knowing how far woman has come.  

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