Mireddys Gonzalez

Mireddys Gonzalez: information on husband, parents, and children


Hello, amazing readers! We, as human beings, are extremely curious about what happens in the lives of our favourite celebrities whether it is our favourite musician or actor or a sportsperson. We even like to obtain as much information as we can about their personal life, family data and who they are married to and what they do, aren’t we a curious species?

One such person that we are going to talk about is Mireddys Gonzalez. Mireddys Gonzalez is a public figure because she is the wife of the singer-songwriter and music producer Daddy Yankee. Daddy Yankee is famous worldwide so it becomes obvious for people to learn all about his personal life including about his wife i.e., none other than Mireddys Gonzalez.

Mireddys Gonzalez: Personal life and details

In this blog, we have covered all the necessary information about Mireddys Gonzalez’s life and also provided the names of her husband and children for better understanding of her biography. Below are some points to briefly understand detailed information about Mireddys Gonzalez:

  • Mireddys Gonzalez was born in Puerto Rico on the date of January 17, 1977. She is currently 46 years old. 
  • Mireddys Gonzalez rose to fame after she got married to her globally famous husband Daddy Yankee
  • Daddy Yankee is a globally popular singer-songwriter and music producer whose real name is Ramon Luis Ayala Rodriguez. Daddy Yankee basically invented the “Reggaeton” music genre and gave popular hits like “Gasolina” and “Despacito” etc.
  • Mireddys Gonzalez has three children that she shares with Daddy Yankee, the son is named Jeremy Ayala Gonzalez, and the two daughters are named as Yamilet Ayala Gonzalez and Jesaeelys Ayala Gonzalez respectively.
  • Details about Mireddys Gonzalez’s parents are not available to the public nor details about her childhood are available. It is speculated that she got married early and only had the chance to finish high school and not go to college.
  • As for her profession, Mireddys Gonzalez is the CEO of the record label company which is called “El Cartel” records. El Cartel records was founded by her husband Daddy Yankee. Mireddys Gonzalez has been the CEO of this record label company since the year 2001.
  • Along with being the CEO of a big record label company, Mireddys Gonzalez also creates content on instagram and has a huge following list. This is Mireddys Gonzalez’s side hustle.
  • Mireddys Gonzalez currently resides in San Juan, Puerto Rico, she is hispanic and believes in christianity.
  • As for her net worth, Mireddys Gonzalez has $30 million USD approximately to her name.


In conclusion, being the spouse of a globally famous celebrity has its own perks. Mireddys Gonzalez has become a public figure because of her worldwide famous husband Daddy Yankee. Mireddys Gonzalez has been able to manage a record label company for so many years because it was created and founded by her own husband. She is also publicly known, which favourable to her side hustle of creating content on social media platforms like instagram. It is all a win-win for the spouses of celebrities. Thankyou for reading!

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