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Florian Marku: Bio, Age, Boxer, Wife, DAZN

Florian Marku is indeed a famous name in the world of boxing. He has done a great job to make sure that Florian name is famous in countries other than Albania and Greece. He is now a famous name who has been at the top of the boxing game. Because of his followers, there are many people who do love to see him giving his best

In Albania, there are songs made to honour his mark in the world of sports. He was an MMA star, did his kickboxing being a world champion and now is making great marks in the world of boxing. Hence, let us know more about Florian and see what makes him able to fill arenas in the United Kingdom and the United States too. 

Bio of Florian Marku

Florian Marku is a former kickboxing champion, MMA fighter and current professional boxer who was born on 29 September 1992 in Lushnje, Albania. It indeed tells that Florian’s zodiac sign is Libra and his nationality is Albanian. Florian, who is a part of the white ethnicity, does follow the Christian religion. Eirini Konomi is the partner of Florian, who has a huge fanbase. Currently his age is 30 years.

Physical Stats of Florian Marku

Florian Marku is a very handsome man who stays in the shape for a whole year. It shows his commitment as a professional boxer. Florian’s height is 5 feet and 9 inches tall. It is a very good height for a boxer in the welterweight division. Florian stays at the weight of around 70 kg mostly. He has made tattoos a lot on his body. However, Florian does not like to do any cosmetic surgeries to look better.

Childhood of Florian Marku

The childhood of Florian Marku does picture a beautiful story. Even at a very young age, Florian had the passion in the mind of beating others being a top name in every sport. Florian was born in Greece. However, his family moved to Albania when he Florian was very young.

Hence, he can speak English, Albanian and Greek languages. While growing up, Florian always liked to play sports than academics. He always looked for creating headlines for bad reasons while growing up. It must have been a great sign of tension for his parents and siblings. However, Florian always knew the value of earning money while growing up. 

Love Life of Florian Marku

Florian Marku fell in love with Eirini Konomi when he was just 16 years old. It was indeed love at the first sight. Since then, the pair does look just outstanding together. Florian and Eirini got engaged in 2021. In November 2021, the pair welcomed their first child. It was a baby named Matin Marku. Due to Florian’s work as a professional boxer, they stay in a beautiful apartment in London, England. However, the family does enjoy its roots in Albania. As Florian is a star there, so it makes him go there and love his millions of fans and close family members.    

Florian Marku: Kickboxing Career

Florian Marku started to do kickboxing at a very young. He did fight more than 200 times and won multiple world titles. It made a star in Greece and Albania. Being a champion, Florian did earn good sums. However, kickboxing is not a sport to make a living in a lavish manner. 

Florian Marku: Move To MMA

Florian Marku then looked to make more money, seeing MMA as a great platform to become rich and stable. He fought three times in MMA from 2016 to 2017. Florian was good with his striking. However, it was wrestling that led him to some back problems. It made him focus to join the world of boxing. 

Florian Marku: Professional Boxing 

Florian made his professional debut on 1 December 2018 at Germany Beste Event Halle, Ulm, Germany, against Nikola Janicievic. It was a first-round TKO. The very factor that made him famous. It took Florian 2019 to move to the United Kingdom and make his name in a very famous nation for boxing. In 2020, Florian’s then-manager Sam Jones of S-Jam Boxing pushed famous promoter Eddie Hearn to sign him.

Florian Marku
Famous boxer Florian Marku

After a month of talking, they had him. In 2021, Florian fight for both Matchroom and Boxer, DAZN and Sky Sports. Taking a look at his boxing market, it feels as Matchroom is the best place for him as DAZN can be a good global broadcaster for his future fights at home. He once said that selling a 20,000 capacity stadium in his home nation is not a huge thing for him.  

Florian Marku: Style 

Florian is a very calculative fighter. He does have the power to knock people out. However, as style makes fights, Florian does take every action wisely. He is also developing as a fighter. It is indeed a good sign but does make fighters raw sometimes. Many boxing pundits do see Florian making a good name in boxing. However, he still needs to do a lot for taking that great step. 

Talking Skills 

Florian Marku does have great talking skills. He is famous for going in the heads of opponents with his talking skills. He is indeed a very good self-promoter. In this sport, it is good to speak well and then back it up. 

Social Media 

Florian Marku has over 668k followers on Instagram. On Twitter, he has over 12.9k followers. He mostly likes to talk about boxing and share his personal life. 

Net Worth       

The net worth of Florian Marku is estimated at around USD 1 million. 

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