5 Things You Must Consider Before Buying a Bedsheet

Comfortable bedding is one of the essential needs for every human being because if a person doesn’t get proper sleep, he can’t function properly throughout the day. So, when you go out to buy your bedding essentials, you must consider every factor that is important so that you don’t end up buying something that is not good for your body in any way. 

Bedding consists of a mattress, bedsheets, quilts, pillows, and blankets. And according to scientific data, a person should sleep for at least seven to eight hours a day. So, if you have to spend such a long time in your bed, it should at least be comfortable. Meanwhile, many people struggle to find the right bedsheet for their beds because you can only find synthetic and uncomfortable fabrics in the market these days. However, some sellers manufacture premium quality bed linens that undergo many tests before getting approved for commercial sale. So you can search online for such sellers. But when you start shortlisting a bedsheet for your bed, make sure you consider the following factors before making the payment:

1. Check the Fabric

Whenever you are planning to buy a bedsheet, it is important to check the type and quality of the fabric used. If you end up buying something synthetic, it won’t give you the required comfort. But if you seek comfort, you must go for a certified 100% cotton fabric because it is the best for skin and comfort. However, it also depends on your purpose of buying bed linen. For example, if you want to buy one just for a visual appeal, then you can choose something that looks beautiful but is synthetic in the material. And it will be easy to spread and have a shine to it. 

2. Don’t Go With Thread Counts

Many manufacturers play with people’s minds by tricking them into believing in thread counts. For example, the more the thread count is, the softer the bedsheet will be. However, this is a misconception because it is possible that a bedsheet with maximum thread count can seem rough and harsh on the skin. So, rather than looking for maximum thread count, you must check the actual feel of the fabric. 

3. Learn About Weaves

There are two types of weaves popular among bedsheets, and these are called percale and sateen. The percale weave is a grid-style weaving technique that is lightweight but has a crisp feel to it, whereas the sateen weave has a silky and satin feel to it. As such, many people prefer going for the sateen weave because of the softness it offers.

4. Check the Size

There are different sizes and styles of mattresses available in the market, and not all bedsheets can fit these mattresses. So, when you look for a bedsheet online, you must check the measurement of your mattress so that you can buy the sheet according to the size. If it doesn’t fit your mattress well, it will keep coming off and making you uncomfortable. Moreover, you should also consider that fabric shrinks after being washed, so your bedsheet should be a little larger than the desired size. 

5. Check the Return Policy

Whenever you buy something online, ensure that it has a return or exchange policy for at least 15 days after purchase so that you have a chance to return it in case you don’t like it or it comes with damage. 

These points list all the factors you must consider before buying a bedsheet online. As such, you can search online for a seller and shortlist the options you like, but consider these factors and then make your purchase.