5 Tips for Cleaning Up After a Major Renovation

Renovations aren’t a doddle. They are noisy, expensive, and time-consuming. It is usual for people to divert most of their attention towards finding the right contractor, using the best materials, and making sure progress takes place as per expectations. However, most people fail to realize the amount of work and effort to clean up the post-renovation mess. If you can fix it yourself, it’s great but if not it’s best to hire a drywall contractor.

It is true that looking at a refurbished house boosts morale and makes cleaning look easy. But you must realize that you aren’t free from all the duties. Instead, you are in for a few more days of sweeping, scrubbing, and mopping. 

So if you are stuck in such a mess and have no idea where to begin, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we will discuss a few tricks and techniques for cleaning up after a significant renovation. 

1. Outsource 

A significant renovation would mean a lot of mess and clutter. You can probably clear up the dump yourself, but it will be time-consuming and can get hectic. In that case, we recommend you outsource cleaning services. Outsourcing cleaning services are cost-effective, responsive, and efficient. Experienced professionals take care of the job, finish quicker than DIY, and do an outstanding job. 

However, there are specific elements you must consider when hiring an outsource company. Look for references, offered resources, insurance policies, and service level agreements. If you reside in Georgia, search for “Commercial Cleaning Services Savannah Georgia” to find someone with excellent efficiency and the best cleaning products. Look for someone who offers several diverse cleaning services and might customize a package according to your requirements. 

2. Rent a bin 

Renting a bin is an excellent idea to clear up your post-renovation mess. Remember, there are many types of stuff leftover to dispose of, many of which you can’t throw away in your regular bins. There are specific rules about where everything should go, and too much trash can overfill your containers. 

However, rental bins offer significantly more storage and are easier to customize. They are recyclable, inexpensive, and allow you to take up as much time as your project requires. Moreover, rental bins and dumpsters are simple to work with since there is no worry about sorting. There are no limitations on quantity, size, or type. In short, you can throw anything you would like to throw away.

3. Vacuum, vacuum, and vacuum!

There is no better cleaning appliance than a vacuum. Dust settles everywhere, including carpets, curtains, sofas, and other furniture. If left to accumulate, it can make your life miserable. The only way to ensure all dust and dirt cleans out is to vacuum meticulously. 

Vacuuming relieves allergies by eliminating pollutants and particles, eliminating dust mites, and purifying air quality. Moreover, vacuums are easy to use, help your carpets and floors last longer, and save time and effort. While vacuuming, ensure to get to each corner of the house since most people neglect these spaces and dust accumulates. 

Understanding that every room might have a different requirement for vacuuming is crucial. The power setting will depend on the quality of the carpet, rug, flooring, etc. 

4. Move to wipe 

After vacuuming, your immediate task is thoroughly wiping each renovated room and floor. Vacuums might not be able to swipe clean everything. Besides, some surfaces like walls might not be vacuum friendly. In that case, you must move on to wiping. However, be careful when wiping down your walls. Make sure not to wipe over freshly painted walls, or you’ll end up with a disaster. 

Carry a similar procedure for shelves, countertops, kitchen cabinets, and other flat and hard surfaces. It would be best to leave your floors for the end. First, disinfect your floors for better hygiene, and then move on to wiping. 

5. Utilize high-pressure water 

High-pressure water cleaning is beneficial for outdoor cleanups. High-pressure water improves the floors’ longevity, the property’s resale value, and enhances its appeal. Moreover, high-pressure water saves gallons of water, consumes less time to wipe off dirt, and requires fewer efforts for cleaning. For instance, you can clean your patio floor within minutes with a handy spray wand without scrubbing afterward.

Furthermore, high-pressure water can clean designated areas from meters away. It is constructive considering the several health hazards a regular cleanup brings. Hence, high-pressure water improves hygiene, reduces cleaning agent consumption, and takes a shorter drying time. 

Finishing thoughts 

Getting rid of toxins, dirt, and other harmful objects must be your top priority. However, you must survey your circumstances carefully. Sometimes, it is prudent to let professionals handle the cleaning due to excessive dirt and mess. DIY will probably be less costly but could be riskier especially if you renovated your place on a massive scale. Always prioritize your health and safety first!

Renovations are exciting but grueling. However, they don’t have to be hectic. All you require is a proper plan and a good enough strategy for execution.