The Best 7 Indoor Shade Tolerant Plants To Buy For Your Room

Being surrounded by greenery is always a fantastic experience! The serenity found in nature can not be compared to anything. Nature has a way of blessing those who respect it and wish to be with it. That is why we have indoor plants! Indeed a gift, these plants do not ask for much looking after and can actually flourish inside your house. In fact, many of these releases oxygen even during the night and purify the air around; hence, it is suggested that you keep them close to you. Unfortunately, though, not all indoor plants are shade tolerant, so you have to look for lightened corners to put them. Or, you can keep reading this article to find out about the best shade tolerant plants that are best for your room. We will provide detailed information about what are the benefits of keeping those plants at your personal adobe, along with some tips on how to care for them. So put your rubber gloves on and get gardening! 

Snake Plant

Officially known as the Dracaena Trifasciata, snake plants are one of the most impressive indoor plants ( that is why we are starting our list with them ). The plant is one of the air filtering plants; hence they not only make your surroundings beautiful but also keep you healthy! Snake plants are known to survive in low light conditions, and the best part is they are drought-tolerant plants as well. So, if you forget to water them once in a while, chances are they will be absolutely fine. 


Except for its attractive leaves, pathos is a plant that is known for removing toxins from the air. As the plant is native to South Asia, you can expect the plant behaves the best in humid conditions. If you buy your plants online, then getting a pathos is an easy thing for you. Just keep the plant in an area with low lighting and water it once a week. But do remember to prune the plant whenever needed because pathos can actually grow up to 10 feet tall if left unattended. 

English Ivy

Known as the perfect ground cover, English Ivy is a plant that can survive in complete shade and full sun. The plant is exceptionally hardy and is well known for purifying the air around it. Simply keep this little plant where you like and remember to water it twice a week, and that’s it! Let the little beauty unfurl its magic in your room. 

Chinese Evergreen

As the name suggests, the plant is almost always flourishing; hence you can guess that it has minimal needs. The plant has fascinating pink marks on the leaves and can grow ideally in low shades. The plant helps in maintaining the quality of the air around you and needs to be watered only once or twice a week. However, if you have pets, we suggest you do not go for this plant as the irritant in the plant can be toxic to them. 


If sprinkling your home with beautiful colours is on your mind, then the gerberas plant is an exceptional choice for you! The plant can flourish with heart-stealing colourful blossoms even in low shades, and the colours of the bud can enhance your mood anytime. The plant removes benzene from the air, which is incredibly harmful to you though the plant does not do well in cold environments. So consider the atmosphere you live in before getting this gorgeous little friend. 

Peace Lily Plant

Peace Lily, in our opinion, is the best flowering indoor plant. The plant got the name cause of its serene white blooms that promote peace. The peace lily is popularly known for removing hazardous gasses from the air like carbon monoxide. You can place the plant in low natural light and water it twice a week, and it will reward you by spreading gorgeousness all around you! 

Lucky Bamboo

This plant does not need any introduction, in our opinion! One of the most sought-after feng shui plants, lucky bamboo is said to attract luck and wealth to the owner’s home. However, not a lot of people know that lucky bamboos are actually air purifying plants as well that can help them maintain a healthier environment at home. So, this time, get a plant that is perfect for you in every way!