6 Must-Have Accessories for Your Home Office

Many people have been working from home since the outbreak of the Covid 19 pandemic. Hence, creating a workspace that maximizes productivity while working from home is necessary. And to do that, you need appropriate home office accessories to maintain effective organization and perform multiple activities simultaneously. The accessories required in a home office may include several things, ranging from stationery essentials such as planners. There are a few important items that you cannot do without.


A home office is incomplete without a notebook where you can jot down ideas or take notes as you speak to clients or colleagues. Writing down all the relevant information or creating a to-do list boosts productivity if you like digital interference. You can also use different analog systems like bullet journals or autofocus to complete daily tasks on time. Look for a good-quality passport-sized notebook that can be a versatile addition to your home office.


You can also purchase a weekly planner notepad to get things organized better. The weekly view in a notepad remains categorized into six different sections. There are blocks for seven days a week, a to-do list, a habit tracker, a weekly priority list, dot grid for taking notes or doodling and making notes for the following week. The planner is undated, which may help you to start any month of the year and you do not have to waste papers for the months you have missed.


While making a plan or taking notes, you need to highlight important points. Hence, having markers for your home office is crucial. You may also need to distinguish different documents or files by naming them with permanent titles.


A pen is a must in any office. It comes in handy when you need to take notes while being on a call. Moreover, having a pen is crucial during brainstorming sessions or discussions with teammates to readily write down important information or ideas.

You can have a good ballpoint pen that works on all kinds of surfaces. Rollerball pens are also a good option as it gives a smooth feel while writing, and you would not need to put a lot of pressure, and the pen glides smoothly over the paper. Also, you may use ergonomic pens that reduce hand stress. Pens often wander away from your desk, and you often find them in some hidden corner, so having more than one does not hurt.    


Stylish storage displaying day-to-day components of work like files or documents should make it to the list of your home office accessories. If you work in a very confined space, you can use the wall space for your storage. You can choose a flat-file cabinet to keep your files horizontally and easily access them or have hanging folders to keep your files within your arms’ reach.

Staplers or paper clips

You must need staplers to secure your documents. There are different types of staplers available in the market. You can do it with either a mini stapler or a desk stapler for your home office. Paper clips could also be used to keep your documents in place. You can get them in different shapes, sizes, types, and colours. It can be of great help to you to maintain the documents’ integrity and preserve them for a long time.

Your home office must have all the accessories to help you work comfortably. The items mentioned above are pivotal to ensuring that you accomplish your tasks timely and maintain your productivity.

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