How To Prepare for Vacation in Bangkok, Thailand? Here’s Some Tips for You

Have a plan to go on vacation to Bangkok, Thailand? This country has its own charm so some people in Southeast Asia make Bangkok a tourist destination. There are several things that you must prepare when visiting this country so that your vacation will not have any problems. Starting from choosing  hotels in Bangkok, you can do it via the Traveloka application to setting up the internet.

This article will provide a guide for those of you who are going on vacation to Bangkok for the first time.

1.Book a Hotel Not Far with Public Facilities

Find the best hotel if you are going on vacation to Bangkok, Thailand through the Traveloka application. One of the recommended hotels isLivotel Hotel Kaset Nawamin Bangkok. By choosing a hotel that is near public facilities, you can save money and time, especially if it is close to places where public transportation is located.

Not only can you book hotels, you can also use Traveloka to buy flight tickets and tickets for entering tourist attractions.

2. Get Cash Money Before Departure

Not all places in Thailand provide cashless payments, so you have to prepare bath money before flight to Bangkok for easy transactions. In addition, this also anticipates that you will not be too bothered to find a money changer in Bangkok and avoid fraud.

3. Buy A Sim Card

Today, the internet is quite important so that we can stay connected with friends or family. Therefore, if you have landed at Bangkok airport, immediately look for a stand that sells sim cards. You can also use a roaming package from a provider that you use every day.

4. Don’t Bring Too Many Items

Most people go to Bangkok for shopping. Therefore, don’t bring too many items with you on your flight to Bangkok because they will add up with your groceries to prevent overloaded baggage. Prepare your itinerary from home, and choose comfortable clothes and shoes. Make sure the clothes you bring match the weather in Bangkok.

Bangkok’s weather is hot, so it’s better to just wear a t-shirt, and don’t forget to prepare sunscreens. However, it never hurts to prepare an umbrella because we don’t know when it will rain. Are you fond of capturing the memories ? but struggling a low light or other problem while capturing then you should try Action camera flashlight which will increase your quality of capturing memories.

5. Make a List of Places to Visit in Bangkok

Never go on vacation without making plans. You have to find out the location of tourist attractions, the price of admission tickets, and how to get to these places. This step is quite important to avoid spending more money or wasting time on the road and thinking about where to go.

Choose tourist attractions that are not too far from each other so you don’t waste your time on the road and save money. You will also not feel too tired if the places you visit are close to each other. For more updates, visit:

6. Learn Basic Thai Vocabulary

For your information, not many Thai people can speak English. Thais have their own language, so you should at least know the basic Thai vocabulary.

You must know Thai for the following things: how to order food, ask buyers for prices, greet people, and ask for locations. In addition, you also have to know numbers in Thai for the convenience of transacting with local sellers.

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