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She is one of the French actress  and alsao the writer and who is predominately known to work for hindi films and she is receiptent of various awards She was awarded with national film award, screen awards and also with filmfare awards she mostly grew up in india and was born in Puducherry and from the ypoung age shje was keenly interested in living in india and she spent most of her time as an india citizen and at very young age she was drawn to acting and theatre.


She was born on 10th januarary 1984 and was belong to French citizenship and her occupation is mainly consist of acting and writing. She studied from university of London. And also active in this field from 2008 and her spouse is Anurag Kashyap and to whom she is married to 2011 and then got divorced in 2015. After that her partner is Guy Hershburg.

Early Life and Background

She was born to Puducherry India to a French parents Joel Kochelin and Francoise Amandie and her parents were from angre France who came to india and she is the one who is known to be descendent of the Maurice Kochelin and who is the who playds the important role in structuring and designing of the Effile Tower and later her family was also devotees of Sri Aurbindo and also spent most of her life and childhood in Auroville. After that her family later settled in the village. Near ooty which is situated in Tamil Nadu. She was also known to establish a desighning business and her main languages to speak in the ooty were English, tamil and French where she is most of the time spend her time in bangalore. And her parents got divorced when she was just fifteen  and her education is from Hebron school and she was always used to be very much shy and always appear to be a quiet child. She got her breakthrough performance from Dev D and also in 2009 and this film was made by Anurag Kashyap.

Kalki Kocechlin

Other Work

She was also seen and associated with various causes and as a child she was very enthuaistic in associating with and attending theatres workshops and also spending time in Puducherry and her major career anmd time were spend in doing and attending workshops in Pondicherry and she is known to write several plays and threatre scripts and also she was known to continuing participating in various plays and stage shows trhat is held in india. After that in 2009 she was known to m,ake her promising career in the acting fields where she was doing and underwent live performances and also she was known to founded her own theatre production company where she was conducting her productions and plays since June 2015 and also was awarded various awards such as Metro plus Playwright is such an award which is awarded to her for her very good and mesmerising performances in the shows and theatres.

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