Compelling Arguments For Covering Your Mattress

If you didn’t know, a mattress has a life expectancy of around six to 10 years. The average lifetime of a mattress is eight to ten years; however, innerspring and hybrid coil mattresses only last around six to seven years. But a memory foam or latex mattress will serve you well for 10 to fifteen years. Damage to a mattress’s inner structure from either dampness or bacteria may cause various health problems and increase the expense of replacing the mattress. Using a high-quality, environmentally friendly mattress covering is one method to extend your mattress’s life. Learn more about how a bamboo mattress protector may help you sleep better, feel better, and do your part for the planet.

Secures Your Financial Future

Mattresses may be rather expensive, so it’s only reasonable to want to prolong the life of your investment. Many mattresses have worthless warranties if they are soiled, damaged, or unclean beyond a certain point. A good mattress cover is the most convenient way to guard your investment. Mattress protectors used to be bulky and made of artificial materials that were unpleasant to sleep on. While the mattress was clean, the lack of padding made for a restless night’s sleep. Not great for living a long, healthy, and happy life.

Saves Mother Nature

Many materials used to make mattresses are not recyclable, although there are exceptions. Your mattress may then be incinerated or sent to a landfill, which will take at least 500 years to decompose. The ecology and many of Earth’s fragile ecosystems would suffer significantly from this. Mattresses that aren’t adequately cared for have to be thrown out more often than those that are, which compounds the issue. Although mattress protectors may extend the life of your bed, not all of them are created equal. Some of these products can’t be recycled or composted since they’re made with damaging substances to the environment.

Cleans Mattresses Better

Mattresses are among the most often used furnishings. It is good news, but it also implies other people are probably sharing our bed. Knowing that bugs and germs may be hiding in your bed is unsettling and potentially dangerous to your health. It comes in various sizes and styles, making it suitable for any mattress, whether you’re looking for a king-sized mattress protector, a waterproof protector made from bamboo, or an eco-friendly option.

An Allergy Sufferer Can Rest Easy Knowing That A Mattress Protector Is Between The Mattress

Allergic reactions may be triggered by the accumulation of allergens in your mattress. The total number of reported bed bug infestations in all Australian states increased by an alarming 4,500% between 1999 and 2006. Bed bugs and mites may cause more harm to humans than just itchy, unsightly bites. An untreated mattress may become a breeding ground for allergens, leading to various unpleasant health effects, including asthma attacks and skin rashes.

Faultless In Terms Of Upkeep

Using a mattress cover ensures that your bed remains clean and sanitary throughout the year. A bamboo mattress protector requires less effort to keep clean. Take it off the bed, wash it in a gentle cycle, and let it dry naturally. Mattress protectors are fantastic since they are guaranteed to last and do not degrade even after frequent washing.


Choosing the correct size mattress is crucial, so keep that in mind while shopping. A king-size mattress protector, as opposed to a single king one, will be a better fit for a king-sized bed. It will provide a perfect fit, superior comfort, and lasting security.