Engraved Diamond Jewelry: The Best Anniversary Gifts for Her

Are you planning to surprise your wife with a gift on your anniversary? Well, there are so many options that you can consider, and diamond jewelry is one of them. Gifting your spouse with jewelry will make it easy to ensure that you make them feel loved and appreciated.

There are a plethora of options that you can consider, even after deciding that you’ll gift them with diamonds. You might consider a diamond pendant, ring, bracelet, etc. You can also make your gift unique by engraving it. This article will help you choose the best gift for them.

Let’s get into it.

What is an Engraved Ring?

The first step will be to understand engraved diamond jewelry. The aim of engraving jewelry pieces is to turn them into true sentimental pieces. This helps ensure that the person you give it to feels more special and appreciated than when they are gifted with regular jewelry.

There are various options that you can consider when engraving your jewelry. For instance, you might want to have a quote like ‘I love you’ engraved on a diamond wedding band. Or, you can have a more personalized message for your partner engraved on a diamond ring.

Either of those will turn your diamond jewelry into something irreplaceable. They will help ensure your gift gives your partner a smile and that they want to wear it always. But don’t have too many characters because most diamond jewelry pieces don’t have a lot of space.

Also, you might wonder what diamond jewelry can get engraved. The simple answer is that you can engrave almost anything that’s made of diamonds. All you need to do is find the diamond jewelry that will best fit your needs, whether it is a bracelet, ring, pendant, etc.

Why Should You Choose Engraved Jewelry

People choose engraved jewelry for various reasons. Some people engrave their jewelry because they want to secure it. People won’t steal diamond jewelry that’s engraved unless they know how to remove the engraving, can afford it, and are willing to put in the effort.

Another reason for choosing engraved jewelry is that you want to personalize it. A personal message helps symbolize the love and commitment you have with your partner. It will also be vital to engrave diamonds with the inside jokes you share with your spouse.

Besides these engravings, diamond jewelry comes with a certification number engraved on it. Thus, you should expect the diamonds you buy to have at least an inscription. This is especially true for diamonds that are 50 carats or less, which makes them easy to identify.

You might wonder what diamonds are 50 carats or less. Well, most diamond pendants are about 20 carats. You can check the diamond pendant in your jewelry collection to confirm its carat weight. You might also come across other important details of the pendant engraved on it.

How Diamond Engraving Has Evolved

It will be vital to understand how diamonds can be engraved. The technology behind engraved diamonds has been around for many years. It has also been advancing over the years since it initially relied on hand tools and now leverages advanced technologies.

Engraving machines are gaining popularity in the diamond jewelry industry. The reality with diamonds is that they are expensive and you don’t want to make mistakes when engraving them. The laser technology that’s being used today has made it easy to increase accuracy.

You should consider various factors when engraving your diamond jewelry. You can, for instance, look at your ring’s setting to ensure the message you engrave on your diamond is visible. Also, it will be vital to get as creative as possible to ensure your anniversary feels special.

How Should You Engrave Your Diamond Ring?

There is a lot to consider when choosing the engraving for your diamond ring. It will be vital to take your time to choose an engraving that will give you the desired results. We already looked at the options you need to consider when choosing an engraving message.

However, there are other things that you need to consider besides the message. Metal color is one of the most important factors to consider before you settle on an engraving. If you haven’t chosen the diamond ring, then ensure you choose one that fits your finger size.

The message to engrave on your jewelry will be guided by the diamond ring size. It will make it possible to know the number of characters that will fit on the ring. If the message you chose has too many characters to fit on it, you can change it to one that does.

Also, remember that you need to know how to take care of your engraved diamond jewelry. It will be vital to ensure you clean the diamond well and even have the right storage. Also, ensure you don’t expose it to elements like swimming pool water that might have harmful chemicals.

The Cost of Removing Engraving from Diamond Jewelry

It will be vital to understand how much you’ll need to remove the engraving from diamond jewelry. The reality is that there is no exact cost for removing an engraving from a piece of diamond jewelry. The cost will differ depending on the piece of jewelry you want to use.

It is fairly easy to engrave a piece of diamond jewelry. You can follow a manual process, which can, however, require a lot of effort and time to complete. You can also try getting rid of engravings using technology. It won’t require a lot of time and effort.


You now know the best options to consider when buying anniversary diamond jewelry. It is an excellent idea to engrave your diamond jewelry to ensure it meets your needs. An engraved diamond will make your partner feel more appreciated than any piece of jewelry.

This article has explored why you should choose an engraved diamond and how to choose one. Also, you now have some of the best ideas for engraving diamond jewelry. What’s left is to get one for your spouse and make them feel special as you celebrate your anniversary.