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We all know about goofy. Goofy is a very famous cartoon character created by the Walt Disney company. He is a very tall anthropomorphic dog who typically used to wear a turtleneck and vest, with pants, shoes, and white gloves, and also a tall hat that is originally designed as Rumpled fedora. Mickey Mouse and Donald duck are two very close friends of the Goofy. His character is normally categorised as that he is very hopelessly clumsy and dim-witted, yet this character is not always applicable. Goofy is shown as an intelligent and clever character who is very unique in his own way.

About The Goofy Meme:

I’ll fucking do it again is one of the memorable lines uttered by the character Goofy in one of the crudely animated parodies of a comedic sketch by the YouTuber Filthy Frank. This screenshot of goofy saying this very memorable line ‘I’ll fucking do it again’ has become a reaction image macro which is used to express a lack of remorse foreign offensive action and desire to commit again. And this meme is originated by then only.

The still image of the scene has been circulated all over the social media as a guilt free response to judgment towards action that is considered as distasteful.

Origin Of The Goofy Meme:

This meme was originated on January 4th, 2017, by YouTuber TooDamnFilthy who published the audio sketch Goofy’s Trial. In that sketch the Disney character goofy stand accused of committing mass shooting. In that scene Goofy confesses the crime but still tell his lawyer that he will fuckin’ do it again. His that video goes very viral, and it received more than 2.7 million views in less than 3 years. Three years later, On 20th January YouTuber Shigloo animated this sketch That post received more than 6.5 million views in less than the three years.

After that people started making several on his that line only and it became very trending. Here are some of the memes I’ll be sharing with you. So that you can also read and enjoy:

Notes To Have

  • U.S: *nukes Hiroshima8

JAPAN: *doesn’t surrender*

Goofy images with the line: I’ll fuckin’ do it again.

  • Me: skips ads

YouTube: I’ll fuckin’ do it again.

  • Me: after eating an extremely hot momos and burns my mouth.

Me few seconds later: I’ll fuckin’ do it again.

  • Teacher in the class: whoever is making noise, stop!

The whole class: I’ll fuckin’ do it again.

  • Parents: why did you fail all your test?

Inner me: I’ll fuckin’ do it again.

  • When an enemy throws a guard break in a row and you counter them all

I’ll fuckin’ do it again.

  • Disney: Make a movie

Disney 10 years later: I’ll fuckin’ do it again.

  • Me: I’m going to bootleg that very recent Goofy meme.

Everyone else: But that meme is already bootleg!

Me: I’ll still fuckin’ do it again.

  • Day after drinking: I’ll never drink again

Me after the next day: I’ll be fuckin’ do it again.

  • Don’t recommend me this channel again

YouTube: I’ll fuckin’ do it again.

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