Helen Grace

Helen Grace: Bio, Age, Life, Career, Net Worth

  • Helen Grace – English film actress
  • Wide range fan following
  • Many notable roles in film industry

Helen Grace is a world famous English actress and is well known for her works in Hollywood. There are many notable key roles she has played in her long acting career and has gained a wide range of fan following all around the world. Let us know more information and details about her in brief.


  • Helen born – 20th Aug, 1971, currently her age is 51 years.
  • Born in Hertfordshire, England
  • No info – parents history
  • No info – siblings
  • Education – graduated from St. Helen’s school
  • Acting school – Drama Centre, London

Helen Grace was born on 20th August, 1971 in Hertfordshire, England. There is not much information available about her background and her parent’s history as she hasn not revealed them so far but as soon as she opens up to the media, the information will be updated here as soon as possible. One thing we do know is that she was graduated from St. Helen’s School and had severe acting interest. She trained herself by going into Drama Centre, London for sharpening her acting skills.


  • Helen – beautiful personality in her 20s
  • Golden blonde hair
  • Balck eyes
  • Sharp nose & small eyes
  • Beautiful lip features
  • 5 ft 5 inches height
  • Smiling face
  • Charming personality

Although Helen is 50 years old now, in her mid 20s, she was extremely beautiful and coming Caucasian ancestry and the English weather, she shone bright in her fair skin which resembled the ice snow. She had beautiful black eyes and yellowish blonde hair with a sharp nose and small eyes, sexy lip features which made many of her fans go crazy around her. She had a petite figure with average 5 ft 5 inches of height but had a wide, charming smile on her face which caused an immense following around her.


  • Peaceful life
  • No media coverage & limelight
  • Doesn’t like media attention
  • Husband – Timothy Watson
  • No info – relationship & marriage
  • Helen & Timothy – Two children

Helen Grace lives a peaceful life after the stardom she got through her acting in the film industry as she has not revealed any details about her relationship with her Husband and their children. She married Timothy Watson who is also an actor from England and famously known for his voice overs for animated shows. The celebrity couple have two kids to which they have not revealed any information to the media. As soon as the details are open, it will be updated here quickly.

Helen Grace
Beautiful and creative Helen Grace


  • No info – family background
  • Comes from – Caucasian ancestry
  • Born & raised – England
  • No info – siblings and children

Helen comes from Caucasian ancestry and was born- raised in England. She is English by nationality and also lives in England with her husband and her two children. There is not much information about Helen and her parents or her siblings. It will be updated as soon as it is revealed to the media.


  • Helen career – Filming and TV shows
  • Majority in TV shows
  • Filmography – Roger Roger’, ‘Poirot’, ‘The Bill’, ‘Killing me Softly’, ‘Doctor’
  • Big fan following – acting + good personality + beauty

Helen Grace is well known Englishactress and famous for her works in various films and television series such ‘Roger Roger’, ‘Poirot’, ‘The Bill’, ‘Killing me Softly’, ‘Doctor’ and many more. She appeared majorly on television shows and daily serials which used to broadcast not only in the United Kingdom but in North America and Australia too. She got a wide range of fan following due to her acting skills, stunning beauty and great personality behind the screen as well.


  • Helen net worth – $1 million to $1.5 million
  • Her combined net worth with husband – $3 million
  • Helen monthly income – $25k to $35k
  • Income source – acting, brand advertisements, sponsors, etc

Helen Grace has earned a lot of name, fame and money through her acting career to which she is not retired yet. She appears in small television shows still now with average monthly income ranging from $25k to $35k per month. There is no exact information regarding her net worth but the experts suggest that she has more than $3 million of net worth which is combined with her husband’s net worth. Helen’s net worth without her husband might range from $1 million to $1.5 million, thanks to her long-acting career and many brand endorsements in that journey.

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