Amish Dress

Amish Dress: Ideas, Looks, Touch, Looks, Aesthetic

Amish mainly referred to as a ‘Plain and simple people’ and a main reason why they are called that is because of the way they dress themselves which is very simple and sober. Their way of being dressed features the most signs of the simplicity. The different and unique practices of the Amish people make them one of the most fascinating religious subcultures of North America. Their clothing style encourage humility and separation from the world and are practical expression of their faith. Their fashion styles are meant to be simple and functional.

Amish clothing is made at home of using plain fabrics and is mainly dark in colors, which include the darker shades like purple, blue, wine, black and grey. The lighter colors are mainly used for the younger children and summer shirts and for dresses for adults in some groups.  We’ll never get to see any patterns on any of their clothing and all of the women’s dresses and men’s suits are all plain colored only as they only used solid and dark colors.


Here are some various reasons that why do Amish prefer plain clothing:

  • Biblical basis: The concept of wearing plain clothes has also a Biblical basis, though they opt specific type of clothing and Amish wear is not Biblically mandated.
  • Modesty: Amish feel that wearing plain dress demonstrates the modesty. They found that plain clothes are not revealing. Women dresses are also not form-fitting and loose. Amish men wear thee long trouser in public in winter as well as in summers also, rather than wearing shorts. They believe that plain and simple appearance benefits the Christian people who emphasizes the internal virtues over the appearance and also other superficial external qualities.
  • Identity:  Think about the time when you have seen the Amish people. You can easily know they were Amish people just by their appearance. Their identity is something that can be easily identified just by their overall appearance.
Amish Dress

Clothing is one of the important parts of the Amish society.  Plain dress and their overall clothing make Amish people different from the rest of the society, ‘a people apart’.

And also the thought that it might not be immediately easily noticeable to the outsiders, the variation in the clothing of different Amish groups do indicate the differences between the communities. In Fact, in some cases, it would be very possible to get the idea of an individual community an Amish person belongs to by his or her overall style of dressing.


Amish Men mainly wears a solid color that are somewhat sober. The pants that they wear are typically black in color and held with a belt. Their shirts are generally without any prints and any patterns on the fabric with the long sleeves. They also wear the straw hats and older Amish men wears black vest over their shirts.


The older Amish women generally wears a layered dresses and they also includes a cap and an apron on each.  They also worn a head covering. The Lancaster countries Amish women can be seen as wearing the bonnets or white covering, however the young ones or a single women may wear the black coverings for the Sunday services. Amish women do not wear any jewelry or an embellishment.

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