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People love anime and manga series, while watching them, they make memes over it and they share them among them. One such manga series ended up as popular memes is Goku memes from Dragon Ball manga series. Let us know about it in more detail.


These memes originated from the manga series, which was started in 1984. Although at that point there was no social media or memes, these memes started popping in the social media, in just the past decade. This manga series was aired in between as anime series and that show is available on streaming platforms like Netflix.


Goku is the main protagonist of the manga series Dragon Ball. Goku has a very vibrant characterization and he is loved by everyone around the world. People make memes on Goku through the anime, manga series. Goku has the special ability of possessing the power ‘Super Saiyan’ mode. In this mode, he shouts and unleashes his true super powers. People liked this shouting and added his iconic hair to anyone who shouts and enjoys the memes.

Goku Meme


These memes are quite popular on social media, where there are more than thousands of goku memes, being circulated. The super saiyan mode of Goku, his iconic hairstyle and little touch of sarcasm within the manga series, makes this meme template hugely popular among the crowd. Even people who don’t know about Goku, have majorly known due to these memes.


 As the manga series was fictional and also the character, all the memes originated from this were fictional, hence no one was offended or hurted through the memes. The intent and context of making and sharing these memes were just coming from sarcasm henceforth no one was doing any sort of controversy through this meme. People just love this meme and they share it among their friends who watched or not, doesn’t matter, but the funny element is highlighted throughout the trend.

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