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Castle Nails: Intro

Castle Nails are fortified structures, they are like palaces- huge, pretty and rich in architecture with walls around them for the purpose of protection. The castles have existed since long ago and in fact there presence has also inspired different stories and fictions. Artists are tempted to create the intricate details on castle. Architect’s are also very keen when it comes to castle, since it stimulates their imagination with huge pillars, doors, forts, ceilings etc. 

In simple words, Castle nails are the nails inspired by castle. The nail technicians try to imprint details and structure aspired by castles. The base is prepared with the steps of trimming and shaping of nails, pushing and cutting of cuticles and then applying a base shade on the nails. The colour palette for castle nails isn’t very specific and depends on different factors. This, the base could be any colour of the clients choice, the base can have different colours and even looks like the metallic looks, glitters, ombres, matte bases etc. Then an image of castle is either stamped or drawn on the nails.

Castle Nails: Looks

Now, the other designs under the castle nails are inspired by the occasions, fictions, stories, books and trends. The nails are thus prepared the same , though the castles and the base colours differ as per the inspirations. 

Castle Nails
Best of Castle Nails

Jumping onto the first inspiration, the castle are like direct and obvious props in fairy tales. The tales in fact begin with lines like – “ once upon a time, there was a princess , dwelling in a castle.. “. Thus, castles are highly linked with princesses. There are so many popular fairy tales may it be Cinderella, Aladdin and Jasmine, Sleeping Beauty, Ariel and many more. All of these tales have given lines and horizons to different types of castles, differing in structure and colours too. 

Castle Nails: Creative

Another kind of castle which is very popular comes from the land of Disney. Walt Disney is the creator of the famous Disney land. It is worldwide popular and the castle is a specific in design. The castle is a collection of lines stacked on one another and the top has a flag on it. It is so widely worn, even amongst children. The popularity has in fact aspired creators to give step by step instructions for creating these even at home, since kids love wearing these.

In the end

Spooky castles are also another branch booming with popularity, especially during the halloween season. Even in different fictional books and stories, witches and ghosts live in huge castles. The spookiness of these castle lies in the colour, thus mostly these castles are painted in black colour. The process of applications of these is same as other. A special addition to spooky nails could be addition of luminous shades, these are the nail paints which look very normal during day or in light, these nails actually glow in dark. This factor adds on the haunted aspect of these spooky nails. The colour palette for such nails ranges between deep blues, purples, greens and blacks.

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