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Chinese Street Fashion: Ideas, Looks, Creative, Touch

Chinese Street Fashion: Intro

Chinese Street Fashion: Fashion is something that is one of the most rapidly evolving factors of the world. The fashion trends that you will see at the beginning of the decade and the fashion trends that you will see at the end of the decade are vastly different from each other, if not completely. Although there might be certain similarities between different clothing and some fashion range that grew up many years ago might still be prevalent in society today, there is still a big difference in the perception of those two parts of fashion.

Chinese Street Fashion: Creative Look

Lately, street fashion has gotten quite in the focus of fashion lovers. This is because people are now evolving their sense of fashion and bringing clothes that are quite decorative out of their clauses for everyday wear. In a way this is good, because we get to see different cultural variations as well as the individual style of people. This also acts are inspirational material for other people who are looking towards adding elements to their style or for an all over new look and Aesthetic.

In this article, we will be looking at some Chinese Street Fashion trends that are currently taking social media, particularly TikTok, by storm:

Chinese Street Fashion


  • One of the simplest street style trend among Chinese women seems to be tank tops and jeans. As summers in China can get quite hot and humid, it is a choice option for clothing. However, these outfits are usually contrasted with bright colours and patterns, like florals or geometric patterns. Tank tops are also worn along with colourful sweatpants, joggers or leggings and this simple yet cute outfit idea is something nicely enjoyed by people in China.
  • All-black outfits, paired with silver jewellery, are gaining quite the popularity in China. These all black outfits are either simple, easily arranged outfits like a simple crop top with jeans, or more decorative, creative outfits consisting of layers more than one, like shirt, jeans and a overcoat, jacket or hoodie. Many people are accessorising their outfits with jewellery, sling bags or tote bags and sneakers for shoes.
  • Traditional outfits are also regularly seen in the Chinese Street Fashion tiktoks, and these videos gain a lot of views. Some of these clothes are wholly traditional and some are a mix of traditional Chinese clothes with a mixture of Western elements. People love these videos and they gain lots of views. Some of these traditional Chinese outfits are the Hanfu, Zhongshan suit, Tang suit and the Cheongsham, which are the four distinctive type of traditional Chinese outfits worn by the people there. The beautiful fabrics, bright and soft colours and intricate designs are always a pleasant sight to see.
  • One thing that has been quite regularly noticed among Chinese people in these street fashion videos is them wearing hats and caps along with their clothes. Whether the outfit consists only of simple stuff like tshirt and pants, or other items like jackets, trench coats, dresses, etc, the pairing of those outfits with bucket hats or fedora hats is quite the trend among people.

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