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George Kambosos: Bio, Age, Fight, Wife, Net Worth

George Kambosos Jr is indeed a great example to follow in this brick-and-mortar world. The Australian professional boxer has indeed done a great job in terms of making one thing very clear that do not underestimate the power of common people and their will to make an impact.

Kambosos, who does represent Greek roots, with Australian living, has inspired millions of boxing fans around the world after beating Teofimo Lopez, who did beat Vasiliy Lomachenko in 2020 and set the mark of a great young fighter. However, Lopez did seem to be way off his mark and did let Kambosos win the title and create an impact. The lightweight champion of the world is indeed an inspiration to follow for everyone around the world. He gives light to those who put their day and night to make things stable. 

George Kambosos Jr: Basic Info

George Kambosos Jr is a professional boxer from Sydney, Australia. He was born on 14 June 1993 in Sydney. Currently, Kambosos won the WBA, IBF, WBO and The Ring lightweight titles in November 2021 after beating Teofimo Lopez on a split decision. At present his age is 29 years.

14 June makes Gemini as her zodiac sign, while it is clear that his nationality is Australian. However, Kambosos’ family holds Geek blood. Hence, he carries both Australian and Greek flags after winning a fight. He is a married man. Bec Pereira is the wife of George Kambosos Jr. Just like several Australians, he does follow the Christain religion. 

Physical Stats of George Kambosos Jr

George Kambosos Jr is indeed a very good-looking man, who always stays at the boxing gym for maintaining his fitness and at the same time, it helps him to sharpen his boxing tools. George stands 5 feet and 10 inches tall. Being a boxer, he mostly looks fit.

George Kambosos
Famous boxer George Kambosos

He is not a boxer who gains weight after a fight. In fact, Kambosos believes in staying fit and making an impact. Being a lightweight boxer, George mostly stays around 62 kg. A huge tattoo fan, one can see Kambosos carrying so many tattoos on his body. It does make his look even better. 

George Kambosos Jr: Childhood 

George Kambosos Jr did see a decent childhood. However, it was not filled with luxury. In fact, Kambosos had to wait for a certain time to get what he wanted as a kid. Jim Kambosos is the father of George. Jim is also the co-trainer of George. It was Jim who led Jorge to the boxing gym and the rest is history. They do show a perfect father-son relationship.

However, he has not shared the names of her mother and siblings. As George loves to live a normal life, it does make him down to earth. He was not keen on making a career from school and university roots. Despite the very fact, George always took his studies very well and made a name even at school. However, he always had a love for reading books about war to become ready mentally for boxing fights.

George Kambosos Jr: Road To Boxing 

George Kambosos Jr did see a lot of ups and downs while growing up. He used to play Australian rugby. However, being overweight did lead Kambosos to face several challenges. The kids used to bully him and did hurt his mental health very much. However, the process did not allow him to be where he wanted to be. For becoming fit, Kambosos father introduced him to the boxing gym.

He was a young child of 12 years of age at that time. George fell in love with boxing and started his aim to be a professional boxer. At the same time, he did start to read books about the war. These books became a part of his life and made him stronger than ever. An attempt to become fit did make a huge impact on his life. 

George Kambosos Jr: Greek Blood 

George Kambosos Jr is proud of his Greek heritage as a professional boxer. He is a proud Australian – and the nation is always in the heart ahead of anything. However, Kambosos is also proud of his family’s Greek roots. Named after his grandfather George Kambosos, the champion pugilist has the passion of Spartan in his blood. It keeps him going very well and make a statement.

One can see the passion he brings when talking about his two beloved nations. George always carries Australian and Greek flags with him. It makes him ready to have that perfect moment of showing his class. 

George Kambosos Jr: Sparring 

George Kambosos Jr did not the rub of the green. He had come up from Australia, which boxing is famous but there is not big promoter as one can find in the United States and the United Kingdom. However, there have been fighters outside these nations who have had got the rub of the green. George had to fight in lesser-known shows for starting his professional boxing career. As he did not have money to invite people to his camp, George used to travel around the world and spar with big names like Manny Pacquiao and all for making a name around the world.

Even Manny was impressed with George. Hence, he did have over 200 sparing sessions with George. It allowed the Australian boxer to show his skills to the hardcore boxing people. Hence, boxing promoter Lou DiBella and manager Peter Kahn did back him when no big promotional brand was ready to invest in him. 

Professional Career 

George Kambosos Jr can hit hard but he is not a one-punch knockout artist. In fact, George Kambosos is the one who does love to play the overall boxing game for becoming just cut above the rest. His style is not something like Floyd Mayweather; however, it is good in a way. George uses his power of switch-hitting for making a plan. Hence, he has been unbeaten. He is a kind of a fighter most boxers at the top level would love to face. 

George Kambosos
George Kambosos after beating Lopez

However, beating him is not easy as he came from the very bottom. George Kambosos made his professional debut against Jayson Mac Gura on 18 May 2013. It was a second-round TKO victory. As no big promotion was ready to sign him, Kambosos had to fight on short notice and very low money. It was indeed hard for him to see his bright future; however, Kambosos knew one day he would reach the top level. It took him just 20 fights to beat Teofimo Lopez in November 2021. He does now have a great following – and fans of boxing around the world do respect him. 

Social Media 

George Kambosos has over 418k followers on Instagram. As he is now a name in boxing, his social profile can only become well. One can see him sharing motivational posts on Instagram. 

Net Worth

The net worth of George Kambosos is estimated at around USD 2 million. Kambosos is now a champion in boxing; he can take his net worth to any level. He is an example that hard work does pay. It does take time – but things do look great. 

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