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Maleficent Costume: Everything You Need To Know About

Maleficent as portrayed by Angelina Jolie is an attention-grabbing film that is strong and regal. You can make an absolutely incredible cosplay with almost any work. You may get the Maleficent costume dress online or in select costume stores all you’d need after are the accents. Seize her high heel boots, gloves, ring, and costume horns. Don’t forget to bring her sparkling staff and crow to complete her look. You can try to duplicate her makeup by looking up online for tutorials if you feel that you haven’t done the role justice by picking up some face paint. Grab some pals and have them dress up like movie characters!

History: Maleficent Costume

If you don’t know who Maleficent is, she is the major antagonist of Sleeping Beauty and reputedly the boss of all the bad guys in Disney animated films. She is a wicked fairy determined to conquer King Stephan’s realm, and she deceives Royal Aurora into puncturing herself on a spike in order to put her to sleep. Prince Philip manages to pass through the thorns & wake Aurora up with a kiss despite the fact that vines are keeping everyone away from her.

The major antagonist in all 3 Kingdom Hearts games is Maleficent, who uses the Heartless to rule the Disney Universe. Although she doesn’t stay long in the games, she keeps coming back until she ultimately gives up in the third game.

Let us look into the costume

Dress Or Gown Of Maleficent Costume

You may simply make wishes come true by choosing any long, black outfit that is to your preference, whether it is a wrap dress, cap sleeve dress, sensual backless dress, and perhaps even deep v-neck drape dress. Even though this is fairly easy to do, it is crucial because it serves as the foundation for the rest of your job. You desire a stylish, comfortable item that closely mimics the bold aesthetic you are known for.

Then, you should either purchase a leather jacket or a straightforward, black coat. Don’t forget to wear your trademark collar, which you can make at home with ease, to ensure that you appear beautifully elegant and completely powerful.

maleficent costume

Makeup: Maleficent Costume

There are several Maleficent-inspired beauty tutorials available if you consider yourself a novice whenever it comes to makeup & you feel like you need a little help. Otherwise, construct the appropriate facial characteristics using these advice and supplies.

Choose a foundation or concealer that is lighter than your natural skin tone without blush if you want to mimic Angelina Jolie’s fair skin from the blockbuster movie. Three words: contour. If you look at Angelina’s noble persona, the very first thing you see are her sharply sculpted cheekbones. For a precisely contoured appearance, there are a heck of a lot of products as well as numerous simple step-by-step tutorials accessible.

Choose a real red lip color for your lips, mostly of the cool toned ones. make sure the lipstick is of matte finish.


By choosing any pair of black shoes, you can stylishly dominate this portion of the gloomy costume. Choose black sandals or combat boots if you’re not as graceful in heels. Consider heeled boots if you are a proficient heel walker and can step with confidence.

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