Tips for Modernising your Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most important spaces in any home, so it’s not surprising that you might want to modernise it. Whether you’re looking to give your bathroom a complete makeover or want some new fixtures, there are plenty of ways to bring glamour and luxury into your life. Here are a few suggestions for the perfect modern bathroom designs.


Cabinets are often used to store items that are rarely or never used. Some of this clutter can be recycled or donated, but other items might be better placed in a box in the garage until you need them again. For example, if you haven’t used an item for three months (or ever), consider getting rid of it.

If you have enough space, use the walls and cabinets as storage areas rather than filling up the counters with bottles, brushes and lotions. If there’s no room on the countertops, consider placing a basket underneath them to hold all those little things that usually end up scattered around your sink area when they could be neatly tucked away instead!

Go open-plan

  • Open-plan designs: These are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to use space better and take advantage of natural light. They can also be easier to clean than other designs as there’s less furniture in the way.
  • Space-saving units: If you have a small bathroom, consider using space-saving units such as corner showers or wall-mounted basins instead of standard baths or sinks. This will make your room look bigger while providing all the needed features.

Blur the boundary between your bathroom and bedroom with a walk-in shower.

One of the biggest trends in modern bathroom designs is to blur the boundary between your bathroom and bedroom. A great way to do this is by creating a walk-in shower space that looks like a spa or rainforest. Walk-in showers are becoming increasingly popular as they allow you more space for yourself and make it easier for people with difficulty walking or using stairs. They can also be designed to look like an outdoor beach, adding an extra feeling of luxury to your bathroom! Adding a walk-in shower can help you create a luxurious spa feel at home, making your bathroom feel bigger than ever.

Wet Room Style Showers

A wet room is more environmentally friendly than a traditional shower as it uses less water and energy. They are also easier to keep clean (as there is no need for a shower curtain) and safer, as the flooring prevents water from splashing onto the bathroom walls or floor. The enclosed nature of the shower makes it more comfortable to use and can reduce stress on the back muscles, which can be harmful when you’re older.

Add some soft furnishings to your bathroom.

It’s often said that the bathroom is the most neglected room in the home. If you have time, look at what you currently have and see if there are any ways to update it. You can make your curtains with some fabric or paper or buy some from an online store if you don’t have the time.


  • Bold colours are the cornerstone of most modern designs. Try using bright reds, blues and oranges as they pop against white walls, making them perfect for bathrooms.
  • Use geometric patterns on walls. They give off a very modern vibe which will suit those who want something clean-cut without being too plain looking like stripes.