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Nails are the period at the end of a sentence. Its true you need to be an artist to get some interesting decoration on your nails. Here are some super-easy, extremely hassle-free nail art hacks that will make you go, WOW that’s son simple to create the wow nail. Here are some WOW ideas.

Dental Floss: Wow Nails

These types of nail include that fan brush is the easiest method to get a striped effect on your nail. However, Dental floss is a good nail thing. After all,it comes in nail brush kit or box . Well, as we go in the local shops to buy the dental floss. It comes dirt cheap. Now just put some dental floss and make the designs you want to make and make your nails look wow.

Toothpicks, Bob Pins, Band-Aids: Wow Nails

The type of nail you want is most important, you can use various things that are already available at home. For tiny you can use the toothpicks and bob pins and also the band aids, for a little bigger polka dots you can use the ends of your bob pins and for a neat pattern of dots you can use the perforated and you can use the end of the band aid to make your nails look wow.

Pen Refills: Wow Nails

You can make these designs by using old pens refills you just throw them away and make cool designs at home. You can dip the ends of a pen refill in a nail-paint and make some cute round and deep circles and on your nails for that next get-together.

Pencils with Erasers: Wow Nails

WOW nail is very bold and if you are interested to apple something new on you r nails just go wow ,here are some designs which can make your nails looks wow. Now sharpen the erasers using a pencil sharpener it will do the job for you guys and apple it , but that is exactly how it should be. Now you have a great,you can reuse them!

Unused Lace

If you guys are looking for a fish like designs and you can opt for these designs , here is another dainty design that you will love to have on your nail and it is very easy hack and you can apply it . Paint your nailswith a base colour of your choice, spread a spare the unused part of the lace  and apply the second nail paint. The result will amaze you.

Wow Nails
Class of Wow Nail factor!

Begin with Dots

If you’re the fan of the cute wow nail so here is the solution . Here’s an easy way to do it. Start with three dots using a toothpick and join them. That is how you can make a chevron pattern. You can use your old eye-liner, a thin paint brush or a toothpick to make the fine lines and make it look wow

Neat French Manicure

Reverse manicure; use a cello tape or a band-aid to avoid mistakes. And make your nails look wow.

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