Light Blue Acrylic Nails

Light Blue Acrylic Nails: Ideas, Looks, Creative, Images

Light Blue Acrylic Nails: Intro

Light blue acrylic nails look versatile cute and just simply fun. It looks very pretty every time when you look down at your light blue nails. This is one of the most calming colours in nature the blue colour makes you think of sky, of the ocean, of the river, of being cool, refreshed, and happy. Blue in the winter is dark and mysterious and in summer it is bright and exciting.  Throughout nature there are different shades of blue that inspire imagination and therefore our artwork. One form of that art takes is nail art, which is recent years have reached to a new height.

Light blue nail art is now it is going a lot in popularity, as there are so many shades of blue, the design possibilities are unlimited. Move versatile than any other colour blue colour gives an increased options as opposed to some other nail design art. From dark Navy shades to light pastel blue shade nail design mix the colour to create variety of options and looks to evoke a range of emotions. Blue shade gives the alternative to the black and give a touch of colour without intensity.

Light Blue Acrylic Nails: More Info

Among all the options for blue nails light blue is particularly trending. This specific colour serves as a good compliment to the other Blues but also work as a muted tone on its own. Light blue shade can be a great background for other design and are also the foreground as a contrast nail design. Whatever you choose to do with your nails light blue colour is a great option for a fabulous and pretty design.


Here are some of the best nail options of light blue acrylic design that you can try on:

Light blue coffin Nails: This is a great look for the holidays that will last all winter, using a light blue acrylic nail with a glitter provide a glitzy look that fits with the fun of the winter season. You can also use a snowflake glitter and chunky glitter cluster that adds a wintery effect. A light blue coffin in Nail provides a drama to the overall look.

Light Blue Acrylic Nails
Light Blue Acrylic Nails: A touch nature

Light blue sprinkle Nails: The sprinkle effect on the light blue nail colour will look very versatile and the glitter on these nails takes you right back to that, with the fun frosting and sprinkle design. The overall shine on the nails heightened this effect as well as does the rounded edge (Light Blue Acrylic Nails).

Light blue and pink acrylic candy Nails: The bubble-gum pink is the perfect complement to the light blue acrylic nail, particularly with this candy theme. This will create a playful holiday look and electric use of different nail design techniques bring the sense of whimsical fun that is perfect for the Christmas season. Sharp point lifts the overall feel to a slightly more sophisticated level.

Light blue acrylic nails with the stones: The stone design on nail take a love of glitz and glamour to whole new level. The light blue serves like the background colour in this scenario which allows the stone and a hologram greater shine. A coffin nail completes the whole dramatic of the nail pattern.

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