Min Geum-jae

Min Geum-Jae: Bio, Age, Life, Brother, Net Worth

Min Geum-jae: Bio

Min Geum-jae is a famous name from South Korea. This is the impact of his one and only brother SUGA, also known as Min Yoongi, a member of a superstar band named BTS. He was born on 2 October 1989, making his zodiac or Sun sign LIBRA. Sharing a birthday with the great Mahatma Gandhi. His nationality is South Korean and does follow Buddhism, which is a powerful religion in South Korea and South Asia. Despite being the brother of a celeb, he is his own celeb in South Korea but not around the world.   

Min Geum-jae

Physical Stats of Min Geum-jae – Height, Weight

Min Geum-jae is a young and handsome man who stands 5 feet and 9 inches. He does not go to the gym but does stay fit with a weight of 53 kg. In South Korea, food is fat-free and hence the very fact does help Min to look handsome. His feet size is 8 (US). Min has done atomic surgeries on their face, which his brother has done too. And it is a normal thing in South Korea. Even parents gift kids cosmetic surgeries when they turn 18 years old. Geum-jae’s hair and eyes colour are black.

Family Of Min Geum-jae – Father, Mother, Siblings, Education

Min Geum-jae was born and brought up in Taejeon-dong, South Korea and he did grow up in Daegu. He is very famous but does not share the names of his parents. It is just South Korean people do not have that tendency to share things. He did his studies in Daegu – but didn’t see it as a creative touch to live the best life, despite most students studying in South Korea.

“Min does not like to talk much. He even likes to stay away from social media unlike me. Hence, it does make me feel how two worlds are running in a family. We did not have a luxurious life while growing up. This is why we do love to spend every moment as if it is our last day. This is what makes the bond of the family special. We love our father and mother and see them as the biggest inspiration to love and adore,” said Suga.

SUGA’s brother Min Geum-Jae

This does show how strong they are as two brothers. This is what makes things ahead and leads in a creative manner. Min does have all the skills to show the creative touch of a person this is what gives them the special look and feel as a pair.  

Min Geum-jae: Career

Min Geum-jae does manage the business of his brother Suga to some level in South Korea. He is a part of his team. It is indeed a huge task as Suga is one of the biggest names around the world and is the creative brain behind the success of BTS. Hence, he deals with millions of USD every year. It makes Min earn a lot of money too. A brother making money from another is indeed a good thing to do – when the bond is so great that they can’t live without each other’s well-being. Other than that, he does not do anything as a professional.

Min Geum-jae: Love Life

Min Geum-jae has had five girlfriends – but he does not like to share his current status anymore. He does not like to share images on social media. As he is very handsome and famous, so the girls do fell in love with them.

Social Media

Min Geum-jae does like social media – but he does not have too lavish profiles. WhatsApp is one social media platform which he does use the most. Other than that, he is not anywhere. However, his fan Insta handles have over 8K followers, which does show people do like to follow things about him.

Net Worth

Min Geum-jae net worth is estimated at around USD 2 million as of 2023. As he works for his brother Suga, who has a net worth of over 27 million, Min does have decent sums and it can only become better. It is indeed what makes an impact in his personal life as things do follow Min’s luxury car business.

BTS Suga and Min Geum-jae Moments

BTS Suga and Min Geum do have many great moments as a pair. As Min is elder brother of Suga, four years of difference, it was always Suga who used to mistakes but his mother and father did not make faces as he was younger. This is what tells a lot about Min Geum-jae, who has always looked to protect Suga at school and various other places. This is indeed what makes an impact and leads things ahead. It is what tells a lot about Suga and how well Min has protected him. Hence, it does share the touch that creates the vibe of the creative touch of being true brothers.

Q & A

Q When was Min Geum-jae Born?

He was born on 2 October 1989.

Q Who is the brother of BTA Suga?

Min Geum is the brother of a BTS singer named Suga.

Q Who is Min Geum-jae?

He is the brother of Suga.

Q Has Min Geum-jae done Cometic Surgery?

He has done cosmetic surgeries on the face.

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